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Bachelor thesis

No description

Simona Karabinosova

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Bachelor thesis

Research Question
How To's
What would I do differently?
Company's description
formation of the restaurant
type of the restaurant
organizational structure
level of their performance at this moment
RQ & SQs

What are the main standards of sustainability in the restaurant industry?
How to incorporate "green practices" into the operations of the restaurant?
What is the sustainability leadership challenge?
What are the benefits of becoming an eco-friendly business?
How does the target market influence the marketing mix?
Theories used

Customer Strategy
Kotter's eight step Change Model
Path Goal Theory
Marketing Mix
Porter five forces
What would I ADD?

The most important one....pestle!

in order to run the concept successfully , they must prioritize the following concerns:
garner new technoogies
product improvement for health-conscious consumers
growth and expansion, esp. in developing markets within environmentally friendly environment
Manage the budget more closely
more focus on strategy directions/ strategy in action
How sustainability standards can drive a business performance?
How sustainability can drive a business performance?
Current status of actions towards sustainability
waste management
minimize the use of non recyclable materials for food packaging
maximize the amount of local and seasonal products in the menu
offer healthy menus
create competitive advantage
waste management
solar panels
experience economy
creating public opinion

comparrison of the costs for organic and normal food in euros
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