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No description

Mingqiang Yeoh

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of BreadTalk

INTRODUCTION History of the company Started by George Quek in April, 2000
Currently has 24 outlets in Singapore
Unique "Open Kitchen Concept which promotes hygiene
Seeking to expand to other countries like China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong etc
Awards SEGMENTATION POSITIONING/DIFFERENTIATION Positioning Arranging for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive, and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumers

Differentiation Actually differentiating the market offering to create superior customer value

Positioning = experiential bakery boutique (learning from experience) as evidenced by its clinching of the Superbrand Award. Constantly improving etc.

Positioning strategy More for more because BreadTalk sells its bread for a higher price, but in return for more benefits. Higher variety, assured standard of hygiene. Because what you see is what you get. That’s why they have see-through kitchens!! Which is part of their differentiation strategy, which I will now elaborate on.

Marketing Mix Strengths and Weaknesses The Marketing Mix is the set of strategical tools to incite desired response from the market.
Breadtalk marketing mix
Product: Innovative Bakery
Price: Value for money
Promotion: Bread Showroom
Place: Retail outlets
Strategy(Mind Share) Tactic(Market Share) Value(Heart Share) Brand Integrity Brand Image
Brand identity Strengths Strong international brand recognition
Well-known brand with strong brand equity
Wide range of products
Unique in its menu
Strategic retail locations
Layout of retail stores are fresh and new
Weaknesses Intense competition
Low barriers to enter F&B industry
Non-halal in the Singapore market
Too many outlets, cheapens the brand
Based on customer behavior TARGETING Modern bakery consumer SEGMENTATION Experiential bakery boutique DIFFERENTIATION Freshly baked breads
See-through kitchens
MARKETING MIX Product: Inovative bakery
Price: Value for money
Promotion: "Bread showroom"
Place: Retail Outlets
SELLING Transactional selling BRAND :BREADTALK SERVICE Excellent service PPROCESS "Open" bakery-making process MARKETING PRESENTATION 1 GRP 6 sERENE LEOW
YEOH MING QIANG This is the end of our presentation 9 Core Elements of Marketing of BreadTalk WHAT IS SEGMENTATION??? The art of identifying and pinpointing opportunities emerging in the market

4 VARIABLES Geographic, Demographic, Behavioural, Psychographic GEOGRAPHIC Vegetarian creations for Indian market, halal bread for Muslim countries, savoury varieties for Chinese populated markets

BEHAVIOURAL Spicy, non spicy versions of “Floss”
Putting things into perspective… Segmentation - a mapping strategy
Targeting happens after the market is mapped, the company selects which segments to enter
The last element of strategy is positioning, which is how the company defines its being in the mind of the target market
Tasty and fresh
Unique and innovative
Visually attractive
Fun and exotic names
Specially imported baking equipment
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging
DIFFERENTIATION: SERVICE “Designer Bread Boutique”
Open kitchen concept
Pleasant uniforms for staff
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