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Anti Anxiety Drugs

No description

Liz Pollack

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Anti Anxiety Drugs

Anti-Anxiety Pills
by Elisabeth Pollack
Category: (varies) Tranquilizers
There are many different kinds of anti-anxiety medications.
Anti-anxiety medications are also called minor tranquilizers, they are used as an outpatient treatment to help people with anxiety disorders or panic attacks.
They are also prescribed for people who are experiencing serious distress or tension in their lives.
Types: Benzodiazepines
Benzodiazepines: Short term relief of severe and disabling anxiety
Longer terms are for more severe anxiety.
There’s a risk of benzodiazepine withdrawal or rebound syndrome after continuous use for 2 weeks or longer, as well as dependence and tolerance if people stay under this treatment for longer.
Other Types
Serotonergic antidepressants
Bromantane – (stimulant) (no withdrawal syndrome)
Hydroxyzine(induces sedation after anesthesia)
Herbal treatments
An Anti-Anxiety drug works by depressing the activity of the nervous system
Lowers heart rate and respiration rate
Decrease feelings of nervousness and tension
Feelings of fatigue
The addictiveness varies.

They can become addictive if they are used long term to where they can become dependent on the drug in order to get away from the stresses of their world
Possible to become dependant

People who are dependant may lose the ability to face the stresses and strains of everyday life without them.

If taken for a long time, higher doses may be needed to reach the same effect.
Smoking is a way of calming anxiety. It’s a danger to health because of the risk of cancer and dependency, as well as addiction.

The addictiveness is psychological because they feel that if they don't take it they won't be able to function "normally".

Though they can be prescribed by a doctor, they should only be used short term.
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