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Jonas Salk

No description

blueberry pie

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Jonas Salk

What is Polio? a. Paralyzes human body, difficulty in breathing, and may result in death

b. Described 2,500 years ago by Greek physician Hippocrates

c. Archaeologists unearthed skeletons displaying twisted or bent leg bones

1. Description of polio
2. Steps Salk took to develop the vaccine
3. Impact of Salk and vaccine on history Steps Jonas Salk Took to
Develop the Vaccine 1. Solid educational foundation

2. Sufficiently funded by the March of Dimes, a polio foundation, fully supported Jonas Salk's research

3. Research and test vaccine in mass quantity allowing vaccine to test on different types of polio

4. Presents his vaccine during a meeting of 500 scientists

5. Finally, vaccine pended approval, during meeting of 500 scientist, announced that his vaccine was safe, and effective How the Polio Vaccine Worked a. The vaccine was intended to "kill" polio virus

b. Formaldehyde stopped the virus from reproducing

c. Dead polio cells destroyed the threatening living cells Jonas Salk's Impact on History Jonas Salk's impact is still visible today, as no one suffers from polio. With complex research and testing, Jonas Salk was able to cure the deadly disease. America was desperately in need of a hero like Jonas Salk to create the polio vaccine because so many innocent lives were lost. The Polio Pioneer Jonas Salk IRON LUNG JONAS SALK a. EDUCATION
d. APPROVAL What is Polio? d. In 1916, Philadelphia reported 388 male cases of polio and 329 cases of polio reported for females

e. Children- most likely to catch polio- transferred through casual contact, such as public pools, movie theaters, and dirty living conditions

Type 1 - Mahoney
Type 2 - MEF-1
Type 3 - Saukett Cartoon Made in Honor of Jonas Salk Jonas Salk, A True Hero Jonas Salk is a true hero, not because he scored a touchdown or made a basket but rather he saved millions of lives across the globe. With out question, Jonas Salk was the most innovative medical research scientist of the 20th century. Polio virus type 2 Polio virus type 1 Jonas Salk's "IMPACT" on the world Works Cited For Photos 1st picture- http://healingtouch.areavoices.com/2012/09/
2nd picture- http://www.dr.marahimi.com/2012/01/14/poliomyelitis/
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6th picture- http://caricaturist.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/caricature-for-singapore-science-centre-mural-of-world-inventors/jonas-salk-polio-vaccine/
7th picture- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonas_Salk
8th picture- http://health.howstuffworks.com/pregnancy-and-parenting/how-childhood-vaccinations-work7.htm Works Cited For Photos 9th picture- http://www.brandwithin.com/next-steps
10th picture- http://www.alleganyhealthdept.com/Public%20Health%20Emergency/PandemicHowtoProtectYourFamily.htm
11th picture- http://www.123rf.com/photo_2517331_fist-hitting-the-earth-caucasian-skin-tone-black-background.html
12th picture- http://dingeengoete.blogspot.com/2012/04/this-day-in-history-apr-26-1954-polio.html
13th picture- http://www.bangkokpost.com/education/site2006/nf2au1506.htm
14th picture- http://fleurdelocean.blogspot.com/2010/06/dont-worry-be-happy.html
15th picture- http://graphicleftovers.com/graphic/cartoon-superhero-7877/ Thesis Statement: "Jonas Salk was the most innovative medical research scientist of the 20th century whose groundbreaking discovery of the polio vaccine saved millions of lives in the Americas, as well as all across the globe." Poliomyelitis The term poliomyelitis is from the greek word "polios" meaning grey, "myelos" referring to the spinal cord, and "itis" meaning inflammation JONAS SALK:
VACCINE WORKED Iron lung is large metal machine pushed down on the patient's s stomach to all patient to breathe
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