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Terrorism Sociology Project

No description

Janice Kee

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Terrorism Sociology Project

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Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation mostly against civilians in political aims. I chose Terrorists because it seems like a very interesting topic to learn about. When I hear about the things that they plan to do I'm curious on why they would want to do something that devastating and what they think it's good for.
Examples for this would be killing hundreds or even thousands of people, hijacking a plane or blowing things up.
Sanctions Formal and Informal
Positive side: The ones who are involved are known for sacrificing themselves for their country and also a successful attack.
History Of Terrorism
Terrorism became an issue in the late 1960's. That's when hijacking became a favored thing for terrorist. They use violence to attack civilians and to achieve goals that they believe are political, religious or ideological in nature. Poverty can create resentment. The word Terrorism came from The reign of Terror instigated by Maxmilen Robespierre in 1793. Religiously motivated terrorism is considered the most dangerous alarming threats today. Some of the most dangerous terrorist groups are Al Qaeda, Isis and the Taliban. As you know, On September 11th, 2001 there was a huge attack on the world trade center where planes were hijacked and killed almost 3,000 people by members of Al Qaeda.
Material Culture
For Terrorism material culture would be 1. having a bomb and/or other weapons. 2. Causing a lot of Commotion all over and 3. Hijacking planes.
Non Material Culture
Examples of non material culture for Terrorism would be 1. believing that someone has done them wrong. 2. Believing that their actions are good or their country. 3. Tendency to speak in a different language for communication that they understand.
A taboo would be the attack must be a success.
A more is would be attack MUST be completed and also an attack that would be unsuccessful could lead to capital punishment or imprisonment.
By:Janice Kee & Khaylany Otero
Negative Side: The ones involved would now be known for not going through with their plan and also jail time if the attack is prevented.
Song Representation

the song chosen is "Every Time(A Song Against Terrorism)" on YouTube.
The song was published April 28th 2013.
This song represents Terrorism because it's a song against it. Society has been taught to be against Terrorism because it's negative and it take innocent lives because Terrorist think it's "good" foe r their country.
Lord Resistance Army
Al Qaeda
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