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No description

Thomas Wadden

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of sdfsdfs

Mullin River Green Resort

Company Overview
Current Situation
Safety & Quality Control Plan
Our Vision:
Who We Are
Safety First Company
Groove it Systems
Linear AC
Firm Foundations
Block it Systems
John Boy Companies
Big Wire Electric
Union Valley Parkway, a main residential road in Santa Barbara, is constructed close to, but not adjoining State Highway 101
Brush and trees surrounding the roadway.
Partial grading off On/Off ramps done on East Side
Severe traffic during business hours
Lead in areas that needs to be removed.
Fire hazards areas with the dry brush and trees.
Underground utilities, unmarked and unused.
New Design
Allows drivers to enter Route 101 quickly.
Nearby residents no longer have to drive around the city to enter Route 101
Provides access to local airport
Less congested nearby freeway on ramps and off ramps.
Working on live freeway/traffic control
Aerial lead deposits in soil
Abandoned oil pipeline
Environmentally Sensitive areas
Dry brush and trees that can cause fire
Underground utilities
Bulk of Mobilization will occur over a 4 day period
Existing Utilities to be marked, and protected in place
Equipment will be staged on the East side of the 101, where work will first begin
This area will serve as storage for the duration of the project
SWPPP/Traffic Control
Traffic will be diverted to parallel Clark and Bradley Rd for any road closures
Construction signs will be in place for duration of Job to ensure residents easy travels and awareness
Check dams, Silt Fence, Concrete Washout Facility will be priority installation to both protect the site and the sorrounding community
Water diversion will be in place via HDPE pipe on the West Side of 101, where a natural water run off occurs
Earthwork/Roadway Excavation
Nearly 250k SF of roadway improvements will be completed over the course of 55 working days
Operators using skip loaders and motorgraders will handle the duty of laying both sub base, and aggregate base
Hot Mix Asphalt will be placed on new roadways during the first stage of construction, tieing existing Union Valley Parkway into the new facilities
State Highway 101 will see new HMA as it is ajoined to the new ON/OFF ramps during Stage 2 of construction
Contract Date: August 23rd, 2012
Completion Date: July 9th, 2013
239 Working Days
Working hours: 7:00AM-5:00PM
Night Work for Falsework
Quality Control
Bid Estimate
Total Price $9,588,344.55
Granite Percentage= 94%
Subcontractor Percentage=6%
This project if built by Granite can allow the City to show its residents a supreme improvement to there existing roadways. A quality product will be provided, ensuring no rehabiliation needed for decades to come.
As a result of key planning on our end, Traffic during construction will see no adverse effects, allowing motorists to continue as usual
Exceptional SWPPP will guarantee the project will see no delays, or create enviromental impacts
Choosing Granite
Our quote is representative of a complete and quality package, with extensive safety measures accounted for within
Meticulous estimating has lead to a schedule with fast production and affordability. Leaving zero tax dollars to waste, lives at risk, or corners cut
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Finish the job with zero lost time injuries.
Completing the project on schedule with adequate float to allow enforcement of quality control.
Complete project ahead of schedule to minimize costs, allow roadways to open on time.
Granite Construction Long Beach division is California's premier heavy civil contractor that takes pride in the successful delivery of quality projects, ensuring that all of our client's needs are met. During the entire construction process, Granite LB employs a focused driven team to ensure that all project goals are met through our extensive knowledge and experience from the field.

Our mission is to cement long-term relationships not only with our clients, but also our subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and the general public.
Tom Wadden: Project Manager
Jorge Becerra : P.E.
Alfredo Cortez : Superintendent
Eric Gruenwald : Scheduler
Pat Watzke : Estimator
Shaun Weerasuriya : Estimator
Jose Urrieta : Estimator
Key Activites
K-Rail to protect workers and the public.
Roadway construction signs.
Preparation for inclement weather over our 240 day schedule.
Workers will be enforced to follow OSHA safety practices at all times, and wear safety equipment (hard hats, goggles, boots etc.).
Route 101 will undergo widening to accomade the new features
Quick and easy on and off ramps to easily enter nearby urbanization.
Proposed is an extension of Union Valley Parkway to meet State Highway 101
An over crossing above the 101 will create a route for future Northbound and Southbound off ramps
Quality Documentation will be provided for all Materials in place, both under specifications and not.
Pours and Survey to be scheduled in advance to ensure strong relationship between contractor and inspectors
Compaction Testing, Concrete Break Reports to be immediately available for Owner and Inspector
Forming the bridge over Route 101, Creating Falsework during quick overnight closures
Excavation will begin on the Eastside of the 101. Two Twin Engine Scrapers will be responsible for moving the bulk of the dirt from the Cut areas to to the fill.
Westside Earthwork activities will include using Wheel Dozer, and a track dozer to handle the compaction the balancing of the tighter areas.
To account for remaining fill on the West Side, roughly 50k CY of dirt will be trucked from the East Side over, helping achieve design grade.
All excess dirt on the East Side will be trucked to a remote location at a pay per CY disposal rate.
Overpass/Concrete Construction
Construction of the overpass will take place once all other roadway activities are complete to focus all attention towards a safe quality build
Footing excavation and pile driving will be been done during the Earthwork portion of the construction
Falsework will be constructed during two overnight closures, where traffic is diverted down Bradley rd.
Upper deck of the overpass will be completed in a 11 day working schedule
Remaining portions of the bridge can be done during normal work hours
Lighting/Signage/Remaining Work
Big Wire Electric will join the teams on site during the last portion of construction to install quality signage and lighting at multiple locations
All uncompleted and non-critical concrete and finish work will take place during this final 30 working day period
Adequate float time has been implemented, allowing crews to certify all work has been done correct and to code before applying for completion of job
Work Breakdown
Granite: Earthwork/Street Improvements/Overpass/ Landscaping/Traffic Control/Permanent Barricades
Firm Foundation: Piling
Big Wire Electric: Signage/Lighting

Night work to speed up production
Pay to dispose of excess material on nearby farmland, rather than export
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