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My practicin

No description

진숙 유

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of My practicin

My Carbon Usage Survey

Having Action Plan for Reducing Carbon - Save, Share, Recycle
Having Action Plan for Reducing Carbon
My Topic
1. What is my average than others in the US , better or worse?
** Better - walking , Eating vegetables more, Trying to save many materials, Cooking proper meal
2. How I relate to other people & how much money I could donate to "offset " it?
** Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions - 59 (3p) , $795

3. How much carbon I use per year, Does this match some of the information from the first quiz?

** My total - 1,096 Kgs a year

- water(collect water in the bucket, electronic power(separate plugs), paper(use rag)

- items(left supplies or donate)

- plastic bag, glass bottle, separating and sending out the recyclable waste -
one percent recycled 63.9 billion savings
Resource : www. seenergy. kr
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