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Terrorist attack 9/11

Englisch GFS

Michael Himmelsbach

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Terrorist attack 9/11

9/11 English GFS
Michael Himmelsbach What happened on 9/11 ? How has America changed since 9/11 ? How did I experience 9/11 ? How does Ground Zero look like today? Which pictures have gone around the world? time line 7:59 8:46 9:00 9:03 9:15 9:25 9:37 9:59 10:03 10:28 11:02 5:20 pm 8:30 pm
take-off of 4 passenger planes
terrorists hijack each of the planes and use it as a weapon
crash into the north tower
all major rescue departments activate their highest alarm level FDNY = Fire Department of NYC
NYPD = NYC Police Department
PAPD = Port Authority Police Department
strike into the south tower tunnels and bridges are closed take-off forbidden
all 4546 planes in the air are ordered to land crash into the Pentagon south tower collapses crash into a field in Pennsylvania north tower collapses lower Manhattan is evacuated 7 WTC collapses President Bush addresses the nation short summary September 11, 2001: terrorist hijacked 4 planes
more than 3000 people died at the World Trade Centre in NYC, at the Pentagon (Virginia), in a field (Pennsylvania) and aboard the 4 planes time line Who were the victims in the attacks ? more than 3000 people from 92 different countries:
247 passengers and crew members
125 Defence Department workers
close to 3000 people in the twin towers
343 firefighters
many police officers and paramedics
19 terrorists Why were the WTC and the Pentagon targets of 9/11 ? Both are of high symbolic value for America.
the Pentagon symbolises military force
twin towers represent financial strength and world peace

The terrorists were against all of these military and economy ideals.
demonstration of the vulnerability of the U.S. Who were the hijackers? 19 terrorists coming from Middle Eastern nations
they belonged to al Qaeda (= international organisation) led by Osama bin Laden
they lived ordinary lives in America and didn't get caught
they learned to fly by taking lessons at flight schools
Bin Laden and Al Qaeda motivated and taught them that God wants faithful to kill Americans
reward: promise of eternity in paradise
attack = serving God, not suicide What is terrorism? What is terrorism? no common definition terrorists have a planned goal and want to create fear and draw attention to their cause by criminal actions

lately: fight for religious beliefs
when militant religious terrorists believe they are fighting for God, every attack is justified that it's the will of god What is al Quaeda? Al Qaeda: orginisation of terrorists who attacked America on 9/11
representation of a change in terrorism
its goal: forcing America to stay out of Middle Eastern and Islamic affaires
only motivation by religion
its members (in > 60 countries) believe that they are in a holy struggle (= Jihad) between good and evil Who was Osama bin Laden? Bin Laden believed that America was
Islam's biggest enemy
everything he did (crime) was defined and
justified by religion
he grew up in wealth and privilege
during his studies: introduction to Islamism his passion
he never liked America (problems of the Middle East)
he established al Qaeda and maintained contacts with terrorists all over the world
May 2, 2011: he was killed in Pakistan by U.S. special forces The dust lady image of Marcy Borders covered in ash, taken immediately after the collapse of the WTC The falling man image of Jonathan Briley who worked in one of the top-floor restaurants, jumping to his death Ground Zero spirit image of 3 firefighters raising the American flag at the WTC after the attacks raising of a strong ambition to help and to demonstrate a sense of patriotism
at Ground Zero: rescue workers and ordinary people helped in recovery efforts
the whole world showed America great solidarity and support patriotism many steps of the U.S. government to make the country safer
security at airports and in public buildings were tightened

foundation of the Department of Homeland Security to protect the U.S. from terrorism
active fight against terrorism measures http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/rising-rebuilding-ground-zero-the-master-plan.html, 20.1.2013 Sources http://www.911memorial.org/; 20.1.13
http://www.wtc.com/; 20.1.13
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Understanding September 11th, Mitch Frank, Viking, published 2002
9/11 Memorial leaflet, WTC, New York City, October 2011
Karl Schurz Haus Freiburg - Zac Unger
friends who visited New York Ground Zero today time for your questions!! facts about the World Trade Center complex: 7 buildings
the twin towers were the highest buildings of America for 2 years 50.000 occupants 103 elevators in each tower 200.000 tons of steal 7000 toilets 43.600 windows 40.000 door knots shopping mall the complex had an own postal code
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