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A Murder For Her Majesty 2

No description

David Huang

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of A Murder For Her Majesty 2

Food The setting of the story takes place in a cathedral in York, London. It is where the main action takes place. It is also where Alice and her friends spend most of their time at.

Evidence: (pg. 211) “Father Cooper caught Geoffrey in the cathedral,” Orlando gasped. “Geoffrey said- said he was playing hide-and-seek.”

(pg. 101) "This cathedral," Father Cooper said primly, "is not a home for stray animals. A Murder For Her Majesty Character List Protagonist
Point of View The point of view of this book is 3rd person because it uses he, she, her, and him in the story instead of I or me except in the dialouge. Ex. "She was also tired and very, very hungry."
The effect of having a third person view is that it has more descriptions of objects, places, and people and can branch off to other characters such as Geoffrey and Father Cooper instead of just only focusing on Alice. Figurative Language

Similie - "You're as wet as a rat in a rain barrel." (pg.4)

Personification- "And his temper rather frightening." (pg 81) *tempers can't be frightening* Flashbacks Foreshadowing
1. (pg.10 - 11) Alice remembers herself against a tree witnessing her father get murder before her eyes by Lord Crofton and Sir Roderick.


2. When Lord Crofton and Sir Roderick murdered Sir Henry Tuckfield, the said the Queen would be pleased with the murder, but towards the end of the book, the Queen is furious and wants all the people involved in the murder in jail. Setting Antagonists Father Cooper is one of the antagonists because he was the one who planned the murder of Sir Henry Tuckfield and the one who kidnapped Alice at night.

Evidence : (pg. 168) "Taking several rapid steps, Father Cooper caught up with Alice and grabbed her."
(pg. 26) "I'll send you word. You or Roderick can dispose of her(Alice) as you see fit. "

Lord Crofton is another antangonist because he took part in murdering Sir Henry Tuckfield and is an apprentice of Father Cooper.

Evidence : (pg.133) "Dunstan, will you stop being so cryptic," Lord Crofton demanded irritably. This shows that Crofton is talking and working together with Father Dunstan Cooper. Wyatt David Kevin Conn0r Made by Plot Chart Father Cooper is watching and stalking Alice as she tries to make it back to
the Dame's house. Little does she know that Cooper is ready to kidnap her and perhaps
kill her. When the moment was right, Father Cooper grabbed her and took her to the tower in the cathedral.
Climax Exposition An 11 year old girl named Alice is on her way to Chellisford Hall to find Lady Jenny and get help after witnessing her father's death. But unfortunately, she is knocked down by a fellow named Geoffrey. After the incident, she is taken back to where Geoffrey lives. Falling Action Geoffrey, Master Kenton and the rest of the crew figure out that Alice has been kidnapped by Father Cooper and they plan a rescue mission to find Alice. The make their way to the cathedral and Master Kenton engages Father Cooper into a fight. Unfortunatley, Cooper hits Kenton with a devastating blow to his skull with his crucifix and drops him to the floor. Father Cooper flees the scene thanks to the yelling of "Murder!" from Orlando. Geoffrey makes his way to help out Master Kenton and the squad regroups. Next, they make their way up to where Alice has been held hostage, the tower. There they find Alice safe and un-harmed and bring her to safety. Alice is safe and sound, but unfortunatley she cannot stay with Geoffrey and the group in the Dame's house. The dean assigns Alice to Lady Genevieve. It turns out that Lady Genevieve is really Lady Jenny and Alice is surprised. Alice is taken in by her and although she cannot stay with Geoffrey, she can still go to school with him and his friends and the story is finished. Resolution Alice Tuckfield is...

Friendly because most of the people she met has liked her as a friend. People such as Geoffrey, Nate, Orlando, and Master Kenton.

Hopeful because when she was held hostage in the tower, she always thought there was a chance that she would be rescued. Eventually, Geoffrey, Master Kenton, and the rest of his mates save Alice.

Fortunate because she is luckily knocked down by Geoffrey and is taken to his house for a shelter, she gets resuced by Geoffrey from Father Cooper and his apprentices and also finds Lady Jenny. Themes

One theme of A Murder For Her Majesty is murder. Obviously, it says murder in the title but there are other pieces of evidence that supports it. This can be seen on page 10 where a flashback occurs. The flashback describes Alice witnessing her father being shot with an arrow causing him to die. Thus, murder is one of the themes of A Murder For Her Majesty.

Another theme is music. An example of this is when she was in the choir singing for the Christmas special. Also, Alice's masters or teachers teach her music such as Master Hunnis and Master Kenton. Geoffrey decides to make Alice join him and his friends in the choir to see how long it will take for Ol' Frost to notice. There she is disgused as a choir boy and given the name Pup. Unfortunatley, the prank doesn't last to long and Master Frost realizes that Geoffrey has snuck in a new student. Rising Action While Alice is waiting for Geoffrey to finish his lesson, she overhears some people talking about her. It turns out to be Lord Crofton, Sir Roderick, and Father Cooper planning how they will find Alice. A flashback takes place when Alice was sleeping. In the flashback, we realize why Alice is running away. Alice is hiding on the branch of a tree, witnessing 2 men (Lord Crofton & Sir Roderick) appear on their horses and shooting Sir Henry Tuckfield with an arrow. Alice decides to spill the beans and tell Geoffrey about Father Cooper and the rest of her story. Geoffrey then tells Alice to never go anywhere alone, but this doesn't turn out so well. The Christmas special was here and after a long performance the squad decides to hang out in the snow. After wasting all day in the snow, Randall and Orlando decide to spend the night at each others' houses while Geoffrey has to go to his Grandma's house. As a result, Alice has to walk home ALONE. Time Period Alice Tuckfield- An 11 year old girl who has short hair and is the main protagonist of the story. She is also Sir Henry Tuckfield's daughter and who is trying to reach Lady Jenny in Chellisford Hall. Geoffrey Fisher- A choirboy who inadvertently knocks Alice down on the streets and brings her back to where he lives along with the rest of his friends. He also assists Alice throughout the story and basically her best friend while Alice recovers from her father’s death. Sir Henry Tuckfield- He is Alice’s father who got murdered by Lord Crofton and Sir Roderick. Henry was also a musician who worked for Queen Elizabeth I. By Beth Hilgartner Thank you for watching this totally amazing Prezi!
..Bye now :)
Wyatt, Connor, David and Kevin. Geoffrey Fisher- A choirboy who sings in the York Cathedral. He is also responsible for knocking her down on the streets, but this is made up by Geoffrey taking Alice back to his house. From now on, Geoffrey is basically Alice's best friend and who can ease her out of troubled situations.


Orlando, Nate, and Randall- They are all choirboys and friends with Geoffrey Fisher and Alice Tuckfield. They play a important role in the story when they aid Geoffrey and Master Kenton to rescue Alice.
Master Kenton- An organist at the York Cathedral. He is also Alice's main instructor throughout the story.
Father Cooper- Main Antagoinst,Planned the murder of Sir Henry Tuckfield and the one who kidnaps Alice. Unfortunatley, he escaped to a diffrent location before he was arrested.

Lady Genevieve Andrewes (Lady Jenny)- Friend of Sir Henry Tuckfield and the guardian of Alice Tuckfield. Dame Agnes- She is the head of where the choirboys' live and she is very strict and harsh about the littlest things. For example, when she sees that a bowl a porridge is gone, she goes wild and immediatley yells at the choirboys.
Architecture- In the 1500's, England's buildings used Gothic Architecture. Gothic Aritecture consits of pointed arches and flying butresses to hold up the weight of the bulidings. It also includes stain glassed windows with beautiful images painted on them. Chuches that are built with Gothic Architecture would be in the shape of a cross. Also, some buildings may have gargoyles outside to prevent evil sprits entering the building. A Murder For Her Majesty is written in a more serious tone. This can be seen 0n page 186 when Geoffrey and the boys tell Master Kenton that Pup is missing. When Master Kenton hears this, he immediatley asks if it is a prank because Geoffrey has a reputation for pranking. This shows the serious part of Master Kenton and Geoffrey when a situation like this happens. 2. (pg.30) When Alice is waiting for her new friends, she remembers everything about her life. She misses everything, her dad, music tutor, servants, and her houskeeper that sometimes scold at each other.

2. pg 133 - Father Cooper says, " Unless I am very much mistaken," he stated grandly, "Alice Tuckfield is in the choir." This foreshadows that Father Cooper will try to see if Alice Tuckfield is actually in the choir. If she is, Father Cooper will try to kidnap or kill her. 1. One example of foreshadowing is when Alice has to walk home alone after Geoffrey specifically said not to. Thus, the reader can predict that something bad is about to Alice and in this case, she gets captured by Father Cooper. 1. Father Cooper is a priest and priests are supposed to be holy and good, but he is the main antagonist and so he is the complete opposite of what a normal priest would be. Ruling Group
1. Pope : the head leader of the church and the highest rank in society. 2. Emperor : the second highest rank and the one who would control and direct what would happen in the country. 3. Knights : Knights were the main protection of the country. They would only take orders from the emperor and only to serve and protect him from invaders. 4. In the 4th rank were gentlemen. Gentlemen were the classy adults in the 1500's. Some would have jobs and could be rich or they could be drunk on the streets with their friends. 5. Merchants and Craftsman : Merchants were buisness people who would sell things like groceries, pottery, and portraits. They also did trade in and outside the country. Craftsmen were people who would make items such as pots, weapons, and glass. 6. Peasants : Peasants were the lowest rank in society. They were very poor and would receive very little money. Their carrer would be focused on agriculture and food production. Some peasants are even owned by other people. Fashions During the 16th century, men and women had unique clothing styles. Men would wear a fabric shirt with an open gown. Some of them would have collars and some without them. Men would wear stockings and simple shoes. Womens' clothing consists of long gowns with sleeves puffed and slashed. Women wore different kinds of headwear such as hats and hair nets. They also wore precious jewlery like earrings and necklaces. Other accessories include gloves and pelts draped over their necks. Symbolism
Catechism - On page 86, it says that Alice found a strange black, homeless cat. She takes the cat and gives it shelter, providing it with food and water. This symbolizes Alice's love for animals and shows that she has sympathy for one another. Food during the 16th century was a variety. Food such as sugar and fish were sold at local markets, also dairy, fruit, vegetables, and meat. Some cooking methods were boiling, baking, smoking and spit roasting. Drinks ranged from wine and ale. Religion The religion of England during the 16th century was Christianity, the religion about Jesus CHrist. Many people would attend churches to worship Jesus and God and to do things like erasing their sins or to hear stories in the bible. Customs
Customs played an important role in the life of the English during the 16th century. Customs like festivals and feasts and to drowning a witch if a person saw one were all apart of the traditions. Every month hosted a festival or a celebration. Some examples are Halloween in November and Easter in March. Other customs were simple; like attending church on Sunday and having a priest perform marriage ceremonies. VIDEO GEOGRAPHY London was an urban city during the 16th century. It was founded near
the mouth of the RIver Thames. It was a crowded place where people would cross and spend their time. There was only one way to enter London and to enter, you had to cross the London Bridge. Many spectacular structures were built during these ages, buildings like the Tower of London and the London Bridge. SUMMArY The 16th century was a pleasant time for the English people. Geography, architecture, government, clothing, food, religion and customs have been scaled and innovated farther than before. Magnificant buildings like the Tower of London were built, Gothic architecture was introduced, and government improved. Christianity was still the main religion of England and clothing remained simple. Customs also were important. People could not wait for these celebrations as they happened all year. The 16th century was the century of dynamic change. David Mood Mysterious The mood of this story is mysterious because the reader is trying to find out who the killers are of Sir Henry Tuckfield, just like the main character does. It does not reveal the killers until you read further into the book, so it is pretty much a mystery and pursuit to find the murderers.

Evidence : On the back cover of the book, it explains the plot of the story and provides what the main problem is, but it does spoil who the killers are. This provides the interest of finding who murdered Alice's father.

Evidence : (pg. 2-8) When Geoffrey knocks down Alice and brings her to an only boys house, it is a question of how long can she stay there and if she would get caught. If she did get caught what would happen? Would the Dame slap and whip the boys silly or will she call the authorities to remove ALice from the house immediatley. THE END!
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