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Child Labour in Russia

No description

Sahar Safi

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Child Labour in Russia

Child Labour in Russia
Who (who is impacted?)
_ Around 3.4 millions orphans under the age of 18 work in factors or the are empoyed in Russia.
What (What is the problem?)
Instead of children going to school they are forced or have to go to work for there families.
When (When did this happen/begin?)
It's unclear when it started but it's still happening now and it will still happen in the futher unless we stop it.
Where ( Where is this happening? )
In most of the provinces , cities and states in Russia, ( for example ) Moscow , State Duma , Muscovy and Crimea.
Why ( Why is this happening? e.g. The cause of the issue)
The reason child labour exist is because some factories can't afford to pay there employees so they make the children to do it. Some children may not able to go to school so instead they work to make money for there family or some.
Other Information
-As a results most of them have to work relentlessly 200 hours per month without breaks.
-In 1882 the Russian government no longer allowed child child labour in factories.
NGO: PACLAW ( People Against Child Labour Around the World )
Our ngo has a goal to stop child labour in Russia before it continues forever and before it gets more violent .
Our respones is to help Russia by doing lots of charity, donation or we can have lots of ads in tv or in youtube.
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