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PED212: Wk3 Assignment

No description

Olivia Skipper

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of PED212: Wk3 Assignment

Parent's Guide To
Healthy Habits For
Your Children Children's Health
Healthy Habits Motor Skill Development Local Resources: •Motor skill development is fundamental for children. Developing these skills and mastering movements will help achieve a healthy lifestyle.

• Some of these fundamental motor skills include walking, running, leaping, skipping, hopping, and jumping.

Three examples of physical activity you and your children can do together as a family:

• Taking family walks daily will help your family relax, interact, and get fit together!

• Playing a sport as a family such as kickball or basketball will keep your family moving!

• Swimming is full of benefits. Have fun in the sun while getting your family active!

• Contact a local YMCA or Family Sports Complex to see what family activities they offer to get families moving together.

• Contact your community's town hall or chamber of commerce to see what is going on in your area. Some communities have tons of family activities! If not, suggest them!

• Visit websites such as www.cdc.gov or www.letsmove.gov to get ideas on how to incorporate physical activities into your family's daily schedule.

Get moving with your child! References:

CDC. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/

Hastie, P. (2012). Foundations of moving & learning. San Diego, CA. Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

A Little Extra Information:
Physical activity is important to keep children at a healthy weight, but it also helps children with lower stress levels, higher self-esteems, and healthy habits that will stick throughout their life.

Sticking to well balanced meals involving all of the food groups can provide your family with the basic nutritional needs and well formed eating habits.

Getting your family involved in community activities and physical movement will help children not only develop healthy activity habits, but also social health as well.

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