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Fighting Obesity!

No description

Cheryl Chow

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Fighting Obesity!

Set a quota FIGHTING OBESITY! Waste not, Want not:
Wastage of Human Potential Let's cook! Traffic plates Healthy eating habits should be instilled in our children

Long term goal of reducing the wastage of human potential in Singapore Conclusion Drivers Let's Cook! Drivers Cultivate habit of planning Cooking Skills Take charge of their own lifestyle
Eat healthily Lessons are fun
Cooking encourages active learning Cooking might be dangerous
Not able to understand intention behind lessons Limitations Fried food day Colour psychology Proposal INMAC obesity rate in 2010 obesity rate in 2004 1980 2008 0.8 billion
12% 2012 Future? impact Health
Economic 6.9% 10.8% doubled Primary 1 and 2 students to prepare a simple dish each lesson
Primary 2 students plan their own menus Limits amount of unhealthy food consumed Problem of overeating not solved 'STOP' 'GO' Set quota on maximum number of red and yellow plates a pupil can purchase per day Feasibility
manageability Trial HPB Monitoring In schools Parents At home Pupils may feel repressed Reinforce lessons learnt from home economic lessons Borrowing of lunch cards Form teachers given a record of pupils' consumption patterns Vendors unwilling to co-operate: Restriction on number of food items sold Drop in earnings Extra time needed to sort the food items into different coloured plates Implement and monitor in 5 primary schools for a year Decrease in obesity rate shows that strategy is effective in controlling obesity rate Food items Number of calories High Medium Low Humour Fantasy Provide elementary home economics lessons for Primary 1 and 2 students Plan Human potential maximized below 15 15~65 65 and above “Cartoons are likely to transfer positive effects associated with the character to the advertised product.” -Bridget Kelly Cartoons Inspire Can you guess who am I? Theme Song Villains Action Don't have these components: Superheroes Exercise Dance Fast Food Fiend Main Drivers: Co-Drivers: INMAC DANGER
SAFETY Rationale Encourage ownership
Familiarise with various type of food Bowen Introduction Sze Yee Cartoon Inspire Cheryl Let's Cook! Jing Yi Traffic Plates & Conclusion Singapore World Eric eat-right Super Strong Eric Mitigate overeating Colours Influence the children Cultivate healthy eating habits Parents to help by monitoring Increase price, affecting some pupils Increase the financial aid given and encourage a variety of green plate food Include in school canteen guidelines 3 Machine indicates if quota is met Quota met Vendors not allowed to sell pupils the food item Quota not met Pupil purchases food item Trial lesson! 12 children
Age: 7-8 years old + Results: all enjoyed the lesson
Understand intention Extra manpower needed
MOE to post trainee teachers Limitations
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