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Old Resumé prezi - Natural Sciences

No description

Joshua Bench

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Old Resumé prezi - Natural Sciences

Résumé Writing
What to Include...

GPA if > 3.0
Academic honors
Finalizing Your Resume
...proofread for errors (grammar, spelling, consistency, verb tenses)
Resources Offered By Career Services
Resume and cover letter critiques
Practice interviews with feedback
Application essay reviews
Help with job and internship searches
Events and resources on our website:
1140 Centennial Hall (first floor)
The Basic Format
-No need to be creative with formatting
-Avoid graphics, color, excessive lines
Be concise, without being vague
Use MS Word, but avoid templates
No single right way to layout a resume...
But employers expect to be able to quickly "get to know you" by looking at your resume
10 to 12 pt font
Use bullets to highlight and differentiate, but don't "over-bullet"
Most important / relevant
Least important / relevant
Clear headings
Relevant experience 1st.
Short, concise phrases.
Use action verbs.
Avoid pronouns.
We're Here to Help!
How Should I Format My Resume?
Content should dictate length of resume
If two pages, print on two pages - not front/back
- Include name and page number on 2nd page
- Do not staple
Typical Sections/Headings
Identifying Info
Activities and Involvement
Optional Sections
Job Objective
Relevant Coursework
Skills or Qualifications
Honors, Awards, or Achievements
Study Abroad Experience
Research Experience
Reference Section Example
William Smith, Associate Professor, Communications Studies Department, UW-La Crosse
608.000.0000, smith.will@uwlax.edu

Margaret Wilson, City Editor and Internship Supervisor, Minnetaska Times Gazette, Minnetaska, MN
612.000.0000, mwilson@minnetimesgaz.com

Terri Smith, Women’s Track Coach, UW-La Crosse
608.000.0000, smith.terr@uwlax.edu

...check references - correct number, email, titles?
After: Create a plain text resume that can be copy/pasted (you'll use this for some online applications)
Don't forget to...
...make sure you can expand upon everything you've included
...contact references - provide them with your resume, ask if they will serve
To see additional resume writing tips & examples, plus a self critique check list go to:

Log into Eagle Opportunities for job and internship listings
Contact Josh Bench for resume/cover letter critiques and other career help
Identifying Information
3-5 who recommend (talk to them 1st!)
Appropriate references are: professional, academic, involvement or work-related
Not directly related, so lower in resume
Start with most recent
Don't describe obvious tasks
Divide into multiple sections
Volunteer/class projects/study abroad
Briefly describe relevant experience
What's in a Bullet?
It's not only about what you did, but...
How you performed your duties and/or
Why the task was important and/or
The impact of your work

List 3 skills or strengths you want to highlight, using the job posting as a guide for what's relevant (e.g., writing, leadership, attention to detail).

• What are 2-3 experiences that demonstrate each skill (think broadly: classes, volunteer positions, campus involvement, internships, jobs... Sports are fair game too)?

• What did you do in each of the experiences? How did you use the skill?

Simple bullet points
Improved bullet points
Class: Example of research...
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