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Getting to "Awesome"!

No description

Sreeraman Vaidyanathan

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Getting to "Awesome"!

Getting to "Awesome"!
How do we help our teams

Great Skills
make the difference between
Corporate Training Paradigm
How do we
Change The Paradigm?
How Can ISTAR Help?
Awesome Teams
"Know How"
To get the job done
On time
On budget
Under Pressure
Awesome Teams
"Do it Right"

Right the first time

Beat the "average outcome" consistently
Awesome Teams Train Hard
Focused practice

Personalized performance feedback

Capability Building

Benchmarking to "best in class"
Awesome Teams Coach Hard
Great coaches make great teams

Personalized Development Plans

Holistic Team Plans

Coach hard, play hard, play to win
Real Training Happens
"On the Job"
Trial and Error approach
Costly and inefficient
Exposes customers to competency failures
Task Focus versus Competency Focus
Common Denominator
Enormous logistical complexity
Making time for training is hard
"Batches" evolve as a mechanism to cope
but forces us to train for the "median"
Customize training to the needs of the individual and their long term needs
Use Technology For...
Lower delivery cost
Individualized performance tracking
and feedback
Granular tracking of skills and training needs
Rich media and interaction experiences
Demolish the "Overhead"
Reduce disruption of the regular routine
Reduce the footprint - No more "Big Bang"
Reduce the logistical costs of getting
Strategic L&D
Organizational Training Need Assessment
Personalized Employee Skills Assessment
Training Delivery Planning & Management
Turnkey Delivery
Trainer management
Custom Content Development
Online - Offline hybrid delivery
Multi - location delivery
Personalized Training
Personalized skill assessment
Personalized performance feedback
Personalized training programs
Technology Solutions
Remote monitoring and feedback
Digital content delivery platform
Online learning
What's the Benefit?
Total Cost of Training
Lower Overhead Costs

Lower Logistics Costs

Lower Line Disruption Costs
More Impact
Deliver more training hours

Regular reinforcement

Personalized feedback

Personalized training roster
Reduce Disruption
Technology lowers disruption

Multi location capability reduces travel time

Training in "bite" size
Personalized Training
Personalized Skill Assessment

Personalized Training Needs Assessment

Level-Appropriate Training
Lower Logistics Costs
No "Big Bang" events = No "Big Bang" costs

Distributed presence lowers travel costs

Technology eliminates travel costs

Performance Failures
Skill Gaps
Soft Skills
Customer Orientation
Workplace Etiquette
Organizational Culture
Team Skills
Team Management
Conflict Management
Technical Skills
The higher education system isn't preparing workers for the challenges of the workplace

Rote learning destroys the problem solving approach

Employees struggle when faced with minor changes from "standard" problems
What does it cost?
Annual Training Plans *
(30 contact hours, 30 virtual hours,
E-learning content access)

Basic: Rs. 10/- per employee per day
Silver: Rs. 25/- per employee per day
Gold: Rs. 50/- per employee per day
* Terms and Conditions apply
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