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The Alamo

No description

Brigitte Lutche

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of The Alamo

The Alamo

James Bowie
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
William B. Travis
(Texans & Tejanos)
The Alamo
- The Alamo was a battle that took place in San Antonio, Texas in 1836.
- Between the Texans and the Mexicans as a fight for Texan independence.
Two Rivals
- The Texans and Tejanos were battling against the Mexicans who came to attack them at the Alamo.
- The Texans and Tejanos prepared to defend the Alamo together against the brutal attack of the Mexicans.

Two Leaders
- Leaders of the Texans and Tejanos: William B. Travis & James Bowie
- Leader of Mexicans: General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
February 23, 1836: General Antonio Lopez and his army arrived outside San Antonio.
- Before all of this: in 1834 Lopez took over the government of Mexico and ruled as dictator.
Other than being the leader of the Texans in the Alamo, Travis was a 27 year-old lawyer from South Carolina.
Along with leading the Texans in the Alamo,
James Bowie is also known for his invention
of the Bowie knife.
The Texan Force
- The Texan force included many different people.
- People such as: Davy Crockett (famous frontiersman), 2 African American slaves and many other Mexican Texans.

The Battle
- The Texans & Tejanos held out for
13 days against Santa Anna's army.
- Commander William B. Travis of the Texans sent out carriers to multiple communities nearby delivering pleas for help in the battle.

- On the 8th day of the
on-going battle 32 volunteers from Gonzales arrived bringing nearly 200 defenders along with them.
America the Story of Us: The Alamo
- Colonel Travis drew a line on the ground and asked if any men willing to stay and fight step over it. All except one did.

- Relates to our independence today and how we are willing to stand up and fight for it no matter what the consequence may be.
The Alamo
- The Texans saw the Alamo as a key part of their defense.
- The Texans would much rather give their lives than surrender immediately to the Mexicans and Santa Anna's army.

Structure of the Almo
The Final Attack
- The Texans and Tejanos were greatly outnumbered by the Mexicans
- About 250 Texans and about 2,400 Mexicans
Texan & United States Declaration of Independence
- The final attack of the Alamo took place before daybreak on March 6, 1836.
- Hundreds of Mexican soldiers energed from the darkness and headed straight for the walls of the Alamo where they knew the Texans were standing guard.
- The Texans were armed
inside the Alamo ready to fight.
- They were equiped with small firearms and cannons
- The Mexicans scaled the outside walls of the Alamo and forced their way into
the compound.

- Once the Mexicans
got inside the compound they captured one of the Texans cannons and turned it on the church and the long barrack.
- The cannon itself was so powerful that it blasted open the doors and barricaded everyone inside.
The End of the Battle
- By sunrise that morning the
battle had ended.
- Santa Anna entered the Alamo to see what damage had been done and to survey the scene of his army's victory.
The End of the Battle
- In the end: 183 Texans died. Only 2 had survived.
- The Texans had killed or wounded 600 of the 2,400 Mexican soldiers.

- People today use the Alamo as an example of our country's bravery.
- Everyone in the Alamo fought until death with the exception of the few that lived after the battle.
- Although the Texans were greatly outnumbered, they continued to keep fighting which is proof of their bravery, which reflects on us as American's today.

Today the Alamo is considered the, "Shrine of Texas Liberty."
- Many people today recognize the saying, "Remember the Alamo," which became very famous over the years.
- This was the battle cry yelled by the Texan forces.
"Remember the Alamo"
- What this quote also means is that they are reiterating that this is a battle where no one comes out alive. The only two options were to win, or
- Although the Alamo was lost, it was only the beginning of a war to come that was won by the Texans at San Jacinto, when the Texans defeated Santa Anna and won independence for Texas!
Davy Crockett (famous frontiersman)
Example of a plea sent by
Colonel Travis
Texan Defenders
The Alamo Today
The Alamo
The Battle of the Alamo smybolizes the ultimate sacrifices American's make for freedom no matter what the personal consequence may be.
- The Alamo is the most popular tourist site in Texas.
- It is also visited by more than 4 million people from all over the world each year.

Newspaper Account of the Alamo
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