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Native Americans in Pittsburgh

No description

Abby Shaw

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Native Americans in Pittsburgh

Aliquippa High School
Aliquippa High School was named after the Queen of the Seneca Tribe. Queen Aliquppa has little to no information about her life but was said to have died around December, 1753.
Monongahela River
The Mononagahela Tribe was located throughtout Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. Most of the historical sites are located on or by The Monongahela River, named after that tribe. The tribe was known mainly for its corn.
Seneca Valley High School
Seneca Valley High School was named after the tribe "Seneca." The Seneca tribe inhabited a large amount of Pittsburgh. The tribe was mainly known for how many people were in their tribe and their ability to hunt.
Iroquois Road
Allegheny County
It was the first county to be given a name of Native American origin. The word was given by the tribe titled Lenape but is uncertain of what the word actually means. Usually it is said to mean "fine river."
Iroquois Road was named after the Native American Tribe located in Pittsburgh. They were known as the Five Nations since their people consisted of Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cayuga.
Tomahawk Court
The Tomahawk was a type of axe that the Native Americans used as a throwing weapon. They were also sometimes used to trade for things like food.
Shawnee Street
The Shawnee were a tribe driven to Pittsburgh by the Iroquis. They were scattered all throughout the country so it's nearly impossible to know how many of them there were. The word Shawnee means "southerner" but they were only pushed south because of other settlements.
Ohiopyle State Park
Ohiopyle was the area where the Iroqouis and Monongahela tribes settled in the early 1700's. The French wanted to use the river that flowed through to get into Pittsburgh but could not because of the falls.
Chicksaw Avenue
The Chicksaw tribe was located in Western Pennsylvania but were forced out by government in the 1830's. They were forced to reservations in Oklahoma. They were a very hostile group known for their killing.
History of Queen Aliquippa
Queen Aliquippa was said to have been born around the early 18th century. By the 1740s, she was the leader of a band of Mingo Seneca living along the three rivers. By 1753, she and her band were living at the junction of the Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers. Queen Alliquippa was a key ally of the British leading up to the French and Indian War. Alliquippa, her son Kanuksusy, and warriors from her band of Mingo Seneca traveled to Fort Necessity to help George Washington but did not take part in the Battle of the Great Meadows on July 3–4, 1754. After the British won at the Battle of the Great Meadows and the evacuation of Fort Necessity, Queen Alliquippa moved her band to Aughwick Valley in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania for safety. She died there on December 23, 1754. The city of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania was named in her honor by the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad. However, she had no connection to where the city was built.

Aliquippa was a queen; in charge of people. I am a big sister, in charge of my little brother.
Aliquippa helped George Washington during war. I have never been able to help someone in a war.
Queen Aliquippa and her band of warriors would wear face paint for intimidation. This applies to me because as an athlete, we wear eye black to intimidate our opponent.
Queen Aliquippa lived right along the three rivers. I live in Scott Township, no where near a river.
Her band of warriors would play music to scare off their enemies. My basketball team plays music to scare the opposing team.
One difference between Queen Aliquippa and I is that she wasn't in charge of people until her adult years. I've been captain of multiple basketball teams and I'm in charge of my younger brother and I'm only fourteen.
Native Americans in Pittsburgh
By: Abby Shaw

Queen Aliquippa
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