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Korean War

No description

korean war

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Korean War

9 5 0 South Korea was not ready to face the North Korean Army. July

Most of South Korea was captured except for a small city called Pusan South Korea had now captured the support of America and the UN.
The UN army was led by MacArthur and in July, 1950, they went to Korea. They made a successful landing in Seoul and took 125,000 NKPA prisoners. America counter attacked north Korea and did so until they reached the Chinese border. The Chinese were scared and attacked with 200,000 people. They used modern weapons from Russia. December 1950

500,000 more troops Chinese troops joined the war. After capturing North Korea, they proceeded to South Korea. MacArthur tried to convince Truman to let him use an atomic bomb; however, Truman didn’t want that. The Chinese lost 390,000 and a million men and 54,000 were lost in the process. North Koreans invaded from two main axes:
Chulwon Ouijonngbu and Seoul.
06. 25 4am

The North Korea attacted South Korea. The south Koreans were easily defeated.
North Korea=Communist South Korea=Capitalist

There was a domino theory by President Truman which states
that other countries would fall into this communist rule.
Kim Il Sung, the north Korean president, visited Stalin in 1949 and persuaded him that he has a chance of taking over the south.
Stalin agreed because he knew that the U.S. wouldnt dare interfere.
Broke out in 1950.
North Korea had heavy armory.
North Korea managed to occupy 95% of the whole of the South Korean territory.
The 5% that was not occupied was a city called Pusan.

Result of the WAR Korean War Cause of the War
The political conference provided for by the armistice broke down in the preparatory stages. The question of holding elections to unify Korea was referred, at the request of the UN, to a conference of foreign ministers of the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union at Geneva in 1954. No agreement was reached.

The war left both North and South Korea in ruins. Red China, although suffering enormous casualties, emerged from the war stronger than ever. Because the truce had really settled nothing, it was necessary to maintain a constant alert against a new invasion attempt. United States troops remained in Korea, although greatly reduced in number. A particularly serious problem was that North Korea, in violation of the armistice agreement, rearmed its troops with modern weapons. Years after the truce was signed, North and South Korea were still armed camps. UN representatives continued to meet with the North Koreans, but there was little progress toward settling the issues that had caused the war.
major events Political Cartoon What do we see?
The UN and US rushing to help South Korea.
Engraved on the stone it states, "In memory of the Legue of Nations died of lack of exercise facing wanton aggresion."
Seems like the UN is ready to have a fight.

Americans, especially Truman, were sick of seeing communist rule growing more and more.
During the war, North Korea boycotted the UN.
Majority of the troops were from America and Britain.
The US was the most enthusiastic about getting North Korea out of the South.
It seems as though the plan had worked out for the captalists because in June the communists had enough and called for ceasefire.

Is the source reliable?
This cartoon was created by David Low, 1950.
It is biased because it was made by a British.
The British sided with the south and and had troops sent during the war.

Is the source useful?
The communists definelty failed and we can see how that happened, by the help of the US and Un.

The invasion
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