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U.S Constitution vs. Georgia's Constitution

No description

Christopher Tromp

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of U.S Constitution vs. Georgia's Constitution

U.S. Constitution vs. Georgia's Constitution By: Carlie, Jacorey, Stephanie, Josh, Jenny, and Christopher Similarities and Differences Similarities 1) Both have a 2 house legislature. -The Senate and The House of Representatives.
2) Head of executive branch serves 4 year terms, but can only serve 2 consecutive terms.
3) 3 Branches- Executive, Judical, and Legislature
4) The head of the executive branch is elected by the people.
5) The people of all three branches are elected the same. Differences Differences 1) The U.S supreme court judge is appointed, but the GA supreme court judge is elected.
2) There are more members in the U.S. government, than the GA government.
3) The legislative branch of the U.S. government is called Congress, but it is called The General Assembly in GA.
4) The qualifications to be president or head of the executive branches are different.
5) The U.S. Judical branch has the supreme court, lower courts, and special courts, but the GA Judical branch has the appellate courts and trial courts. Activity
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