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DTCA Lunesta

Shows an analysis of a direct-to-consumer advertisement on sleeping pills.

Sofía López

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of DTCA Lunesta

Seen on top: Through words/images. What is implied Risks... Message... - "If your raising thoughts keep you awake..." - forget about your reality, shut your mind.
- It is presented as such a good and positive pill - green and friendly butterfly.
- Little kids might relate the butterfly to the ability to fly by taking the pill. Getting wings.
- Green: Hope. Lunesta. Sleeping Pills Sofía López Direct-to-consumer advertisement: Oral description of side effects and
risks. Shows happy and comforted people after taking it. Offers getting it for a $0 co-pay at lunesta.com Offers an easy solution for a problem. - Only told in a very quick way.
- Not written - people tend to remember visual things more.
- The ones written were in little white letters.
- Could show images, for a better explanation of them. Characters... - Beautiful and very calm people.
- High-class white adults.
- Majority are women - is insomnia more common on them?
- They all live in nice and big houses. Conclusion... - This drug commercial has plenty of emotional approach and influence.
- Even though it presents the risks, they are not shown with words, which makes it harder to remember.
- It is presented as a very effective and problem-solving drug.
- The announcing voice is very calming, induces to take it.
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