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Theme Park Industry

No description

Brielle Bataille

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Theme Park Industry

Major Industry Players
Six Flags
Cedar Fair Entertainment
Sea World Parks & Entertainment
Universal Studios
Walk Disney Company
Six Flags
Holds 6.4% of Market Share
Cedar Fair Entertainment
Holds 7.8% of Market Share
Sea World
1.4 billion in revenue in 2014
23.2 Million people visited in 2014
62% of cash from ticket sales
One of largest zoological collections in the world with 67,00 animals

Disney Holds 48.1% of Market Share
Theme Park Industry
Lots of income from food & beverage, games, and merchandise.
16 Parks in the US + Mexico & Canada
Licensing partners with Warner Bros & DC Comics
$988.9 Million in Revenue in 2014 only 54% coming from ticket sales
Ten total theme parks & Water Parks across US + Canada
1.1 billion in annual revenue
Parks are seasonally ran
Cedar Point is most prestigious
Universal Studios
15.9% of Market Share
20 million guest in 2014
2.3 billion in revenue
Parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and Island of Adventure in Florida
Movie theme shops & rides
Industry Information
Over 600 parks in the US
Most are family owned and operated
290 million people visited in 2014
Generating approximately 11 billion in revenue
Contributing 57 million to the us economy
Ripple effect felt by local hotels, restaurants, and retailers
Big in other countries, over 300 parks in Europe

Direct Vs Indirect Revenue
Direct Forms of Revenue
Indirect Forms of Revenue

Ticket sales for entry into the parks
Restaurants, Hotels, retail stores, convention centers, picnic areas, parking fees, party space, extra rides, merch, food & beverage
Major Cost
Construction, Buying Land, Cost of rides and attractions
Labor Cost
Maintenance of rides, park, and landscaping
580 million just to build Diagon Alley
Major Trends
High Tech 3-D Thrill Rides
Park within a Park
ex. Diagon Alley
Food & Beverage Trends
More exotic offerings such as Honolulu hot dog
Healthier Options
fruit, salad, rice bowl, wraps
All you can eat deals
Bundled packages
allergen conscious options
Photos of food on menus
Souvenir Refill Cups
Beverage Trend
8.4 % of Market Share
Future Trends
Interaction within Theme Parks
Receive messages on phone that give clues about special hidden features
The Old and the New
Thrill and Excitement
Biggest and Fastest

Need more exciting and interactive elements than Animatronics
Tussauds Group offers training and accreditation program that allows part-time, seasonal employees a chance to gain proficiency in leadership, customer service, and retail management
The Future
Extreme Sports
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