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A Day in the Life

No description

Ricardo Sandoval

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of A Day in the Life

And That's a Day in the Life.
By Ricardo Sandoval
This is where I wake up every morning to the sound of two alarms. Oddly enough, I always wake before either alarm.
I usually proceed to take care of my business afterwards. :)
Most mornings, the hot water isn't working, so I have to turn the water on.
After my shower, I usually pick my clothes and
and my shoes and head on out to work.
I usually don't eat breakfast, but I can't function without coffee. Yummmmm!
From coffee, it's off to work for me.
At work, I teach kids how to read and write.
I drive back home after work and say hi to my dog.
From here, I make my supper.
Usually with something found here.
I would usually have my supper while sitting here.
Typically, I'll do some more work.
Or zone out and watch some television.
Or head to school and enlighten my mind
with some books and endless reading.
Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time for this.
Then I go back to sleep to start the day all over again.
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