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MOCK TRIAL: Numero Dos

No description

Siddharth Mehendale

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of MOCK TRIAL: Numero Dos

Robbie Curtis was electrocuted by an 8000 volt UNINSULATED power line on August 6,2012 (when school was not in session)
He had climbed 30-40 up high in the tree, which is something that no one had ever done before Why we are not at fault Once more, this accident happened during the SUMMER
What is the duty of a school?
The other parties are arguing that it is the school's "duty" to educate the kids on climbing the trees
By the time people come to high school, they should realize the danger of climbing trees 30-40 high up
The power lines are not our responsibility to maintain, they are the duty of the power line company FUHSD vs. Robbie Curtis Review of the Case Robbie's Negligence Robbie chose to climb as high as he did that day
He came onto school grounds when there was no school officials on grounds
He was trespassing onto school grounds
You have witnessed people admit that no one has ever climbed the tree that high before
Dare or no dare, he still climbed an unreasonable height that day
He is of AVERAGE learning ability We Are NOT Liable Joe's Negligence Joe Curtis is Robbie's father
As a parent it is also his duty to make sure his child is safe from danger
He even admitted it was his duty, during cross examination
He had known that kids had been climbing up the tree for many years
He also had built many platforms on this house over the years
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