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openAFRICA: How to make a request

No description

Cobus Coetzee

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of openAFRICA: How to make a request

See here how you can make a request
Investigate documents openAFRICA: Africa's first online FOI request platform and semantic repository START HERE COUNTRY PAGE Users will choose to:
Make a request
Search old requests
Or investigate documents STEP 1 Select the authority
you want to make the
request from.
Look for it under:
or Municipalities STEP 2 See what others have requested from the authority
Search to see if information is already available
Start your own request STEP 3 Write your request
Make sure all the details are correct
Your request will be public.
You will receive an email alerting you about any replies to your request When users visit openaccessafrica.org they will choose the region their country is situated
Users will then click on the country they want information from
It will take them to their country Documents will go through OCR and all the entities will be extracted as soon as they become available
Users will be able to analyze documents according to entities mentioned and dates
This will make it useful for journalist to compare a wide range of documents held within our repository INVESTIGATE, ANNOTATE, SHARE
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