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No description

Eliza Peters

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Fish

by Eliza Peters pd.7 Types of Fish Jawless Fish Green Sunfish Anthias Balistidae Most are parasites
They have round, toothed mouths
Tube-shaped bodies, covered with slimy skin Sea Horse Males birth the young
A small tail on their back flutters 35 times per second
Consume 3,000 or more Brine shrimp per day. Bony Fish Have skeletons made of bone
A bony flap covers the gills
They have a special swim bladder that allows them to change the level of water they are swimming at. Cartilaginous Fish Have endoskeletons made of Cartilage
They have movable jaws
Well developed teeth Anthias can be 2-4 inches long
They feed on zooplankton
Males are larger and more colorful than females Diet- Crabs and Worms
Habitat- Bottom Dwellers, live in small cracks or holes. Importance: Ecosystem, food chain, and food. Importance: Food chain, ecosystem, and food Importance: Ecosystem, Food, food chain Native to the central U.S
41-53 lateral line scales
The adults can be 4-8inches long Importance: They are important to the small rivers and streams' ecosystem. Importance: they are important to the coral ecosystem. I like the Sea horse because of their amazing beauty and rare characteristics Importance: Food, Food chain, and ecosystem South Dakota Fish Salt Water Fish Favorite Fish Trigger Fish Green Sunfish vs Anthias Anthias Green SunFish 2-4 inches
eat zooplankton
One predator is the vermillion seabass 4-8inches
eat small fish,Crayfish, and insects
One predator is the bass Trigger Fish Found in the Atlantic ocean
Spawning is off-shore and during spring and summer
Females grow larger and live longer than males
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