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Type 2 Diabetes

No description

Abbi Oppedisano

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Type 2 Diabetes

How to Prevent it
moderate weight loss and exercise can prevent or delay it
eating healthy
increased urination
excessive thirst
weight loss
itchy or dry skin
yeast infections
fatigue and irritability
blurry vision
tingling or numbness
Why More Children and Teens are Developing it
increase of overweight children
obesity on the rise
skin and eye issues
nerve damage
numbness in feet
Abigail O, Alesia D, Makenzie C, Kacie L, Tony W
Type 2 Diabetes
What Is Type 2 Diabetes?
When someone's body is incapable of digesting insulin, glucose, and various carbohydrates
This can lead to high blood sugar which can lead to diabetes complications, like heart disease, blindness, etc.
Causes of Type 2
Pancreas not making enough insulin
Being obese or overweight increases risk
Excess fat changes the way your body responds to insulin
Management and Treatment
frequent blood sugar testing
healthy eating and exercise helps manage it
oral medications (pills) or insulin may be prescribed to keep target blood glucose levels
Potential Transplant
some people need a pancreas transplant
artificial kidney therapy
islet cell transplant
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