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Mark Twain

Final Unit Quarter 2

Adriana Alba

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Mark Twain

Mark Twain:
American Realist & Satirist

Unit Goals:
1.) Identify the author's main idea, purpose, tone 2.) Examine use of rhetorical strategies including: satire, parallel structure, and irony.

Can you identify the purpose of this satirical essay?

1. To describe?
2. To inform?
3. To analyze?
4. To persuade?
CA FOCUS STANDARD: RC 2.4 Make warranted assertions about the author's arguments by using elements ofthe text to defend and clarify interpretations.

Objectives: 1.) Describe Mark Twain's background.
2.) Define satire and irony.

Agenda: 1. Warm up
2. Twain's Background
3. Define Satire and Irony.
4. Read "The Lowest Animal" and identify main idea.
Satire uses humor to critique people, traditions, and/ or institutions with the intention of improving or changing them.

1. EXAGGERATION, overstating something to make it look ridiculous.

2. IRONY: Stating the opposite of what is really meant.
1.25 Introduction to Mark Twain
Define Satire & Irony
PREDICT: What is Mark Twain's purpose?

1. To describe?
2. To inform?
3. To analyze?
4. To persuade?
WARM UP: Mark Twain wrote that we have only "one really effective weapon--laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication -- these can lift a colossal humbug--push it a little weaken it a little, century by century; but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms."

What do you think Twain meant?
Describe Mark Twain's background.
_______can be described as ______. He was born
________ and spent most of his life________. While ________, he became interested in ________.
Additionally, ________________. His works attempt to ______________ by _______________.
Main Idea:
The author states, "it now seems plain to me
the that the theory ought to be vacated in
favor of a new and truer one, this new and
truer one to be named the descent of Man from
the higher animals."
Satire & Irony
An example of satire is when Twain
explains how an anaconda is less cruel than
an earl. He states,

This detail helps me to undertand
Direct Quote
Darwin's Origin of the Species
A Satirical and Ironic Take on Darwin's Theory
Social Darwinism
A Satirical and Ironic Take on Social Darwinism
Humor-Irony-Sarcasm Tone/Attitude Words

Amused Droll Mock-heroic Sardonic
Bantering Facetious Mocking Satiric
Bitter Flippant Mock-serious Scornful
Caustic Giddy Patronizing Sharp
Comical Humorous Pompous Silly
Condescending Insolent Quizzical Taunting
Contemptuous Ironic Ribald Teasing
Critical Irreverent Ridiculing Whimsical
Cynical Joking Sad Wry
Disdainful Malicious Sarcastic
Realist Features:
Find examples of heavy details.
Mark Twain's use of satire to achieve his purpose and to communicate his ideas by completing a DIALECTICAL JOURNAL.
What is being satirized?

What is ironic about the image?
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