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Detailed: Writing a News Report

No description

J. McKeown

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Detailed: Writing a News Report

Catch reader
in the
by including interesting facts, answering the questions,
who, what, when, and where

Include accurate facts
to illustrate your topic (to the best of your abilities)‏
These should be short, true statements (without emotion/opinion)


the exact words of someone, in quotation marks
to make the report more interesting (
both expert and eyewitness

Steps to Writing a News Report
Write in short paragraphs of two to three sentences each.
Write in third person
he, she, it, they

NEVER use “I”, except in eyewitness and expert quotations

Don’t state your opinion

Use active words
(“bystanders helped” not “help was received from bystanders”)‏

An Ottawa volunteer firefighter is in custody after a scuffle with police Friday night.
Are all the Ws included in this lead? List them.
“I could not believe that he reached for my gun. I was able to restrain him but his behaviour did catch me off guard,” said Detective Sergeant Gray.
Is this an eyewitness or expert quotation?
The man was arrested and is back in the cellblock, with charges pending.
Does this pass the test?
Indirect Quotations:
Indirect quotations retell/paraphrase what someone has said without stating it word-for-word.
Police say the incident is particularly disturbing as it comes just a few days after the fourth anniversary of the slaying of Const. Eric Czapnik, who was killed while on duty after being attacked by a man outside the Civic hospital.
The Inverted Pyramid: How to Organize Your News Report
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