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No description

Madison Rosen.

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Exposition

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls
Rising Action
June goes to a drug dealers to find clues
Ashling, an old friend of Delia's tries to convince June
She goes to a high school party to find clues about Jeremiah
Jeremiah has Delia's phone and June steals it
In Ryan's room, she calls the contact "Fucker"
June tells Jeremiah and he beats up Ryan
Ashling gives June Delia's suicide note
June is worrisome of Jeremiah, so she follows him and ends up kidnapped by Ashling
June's kidnappers take her to a forest
Delia is alive
Faked Death
June joins Delia and her new friends, Sebastian, Ashling, and Evan
Falling Action
The reason they split
Delia convinces June that it was Ryan's fault
June agreeing to help with Delia's step dad
Delia's story
Killing William
June gets scared off a little
June decides that Delia is the most important person to her and is going to fake her death.
June and Delia and their broken friendship - phone call
Winter break ends and the announcements tell of Delia's death
June seeks comfort at her boyfriend, Ryan's house and his older brother tells her about a secret memorial for Delia
At Delia's party, June meets Jeremiah, Delia's boyfriend before she died
Jeremiah takes June to the shed that Delia died in
Conflict: June is convinced Delia was murdered
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