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The similarities and differences between a nervous and endoc

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aakash anupkumar

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The similarities and differences between a nervous and endoc

The Nervous and Endocrine System
The Features of the Endocrine System
The endocrine system uses glands to release hormones into the blood stream which are delivered to the target cells, for the message to be received by the cell there must be a receptor cell which is made up of protein molecules which are imbedded in the membrane or cytoplasm of the cell. There are eight major
glands to help the endocrine system to
work. these are the pituitary gland,
hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid,
adrenals, pineal body and the
reproductive gland.

Both systems are there to preserve homeostasis. They both also use chemicals to send there messages but the chemicals they use are different to each others, the endocrine systems uses chemicals called hormones which travel threw the bloodstream to get to its target cell, where as the nervous system use a chemical called neurotransmitters to send messages by being released into a synapse which it then travels a short distance to the post synaptic membrane.
The similarities and differences between a nervous and endocrine system
Features of the Nervous System
The nervous system exerts point to point control using nerve. this is like sending a message by a telephone. The nervous system is electrical by nature so it is fast. The main part of the nervous is the Central Nervous System which is located in the and the spinal cord. To send messages around the body it sends out a special chemical the is called neurotransmitters the travel threw a synapse but only a short distance to the post synaptic membrane. once they reached the post synaptic membrane they will then bind to the receptors . If the neurotransmitters start to roam around in the synaptic cleft it can cause major damage to the post synaptic membrane so there are three ways the break down the neurotransmitters.

The Similarities Between the Endocrine and Nervous System
1. Degradation=enzymes that are located in the synaptic cleft break down the neurotransmitters into a substance that will not affect the receptor channel
2. Re-uptake=The neurotransmitters can re-enter the pre-synaptic cell through channels in the membrane
3. Auto receptors=receptors for a particular neurotransmitters are located on the pre-synaptic
membrane which which acts like a thermostats. When
there is to many neurotransmitters it decreases
the release of further neurotransmitters
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