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t p

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of BIOINVASION

By. Josh, Tristan, Denis

Examples of Invasive Species
Where Are Invasive Species?
Invasive species are everywhere. Usually, bioinvasion is caused by marine transportation. Cargo ships carry massive loads of water which carries these invasive species. The cargo ship sails to its destination and so do these invasive species. These ships have to release the water out of the tanks at port and there you have it, invasive species enter the the country. Then when these cargo ships leave the port, they take in water again sending our marine animals to another body of water. Another reason is because people try to bring invasive species over Borders when they are flying, driving or sailing to another country. Many times these animals go into the wild once they become too big and difficult to care for.
What is Bioinvasion?
Bioinvasion is the starting of foreign species in ecosystems. These species have to adapt to the ecosystem and usually have no prey, wiping out many other native species while populating.
Invasive species can be animals, plants or other organisms. Usually these invasive species populate quickly. Some examples are Zebra Mussels, Lamprey Eel, Goby fishes, Irapimma fish and many more.
How We Can Stop Bioinvasion?
These are the many different shipping journeys for 2007.
Imagine all these marine animals being shipped over to
different countries.
Now imagine all these animals being shipped
in the time period of 2007 to the present day.

Some ways we can stop bioinvasion is by finding new and better ways to transport cargo. We can educate people more about bioinvasion so they don't illegally transport foreign species over the borders. Also, we can set large fines to those who try to illegally transport over boarders. If we all contribute in stopping bioinvasion, it is possible that bioinvasion can STOP.
Interesting Facts on Bioinvasion
Did you know?

That zebra mussels were first noticed in 1986.
That water released by cargo ships is called ballast water.
That Lamprey Eel's do not have jaws.
That Gobi fishes can be as small as 1 centimeter and as big
as a foot long.
That zebra mussels are not just a problem here but a problem all around
the world.
That there are almost 2000 different invasive species in the UK and ten
different invasive species in Canada.
That the Acacia mearnsii is the worst invasive specie found in France and

Zebra mussels
Lamprey eel
Goby fishes
Why Is Bioinvasion Bad?
Bioinvasion is dangerous and concerning because animals come to countries across the world and wiping out native species because they have no natural enemies. For example in The Great Lakes, the Lamprey Eel attacked the Lake Trout wiping out 90% of this species, making fishing industry disappear.
The Lamprey Eel eats by clinging there mouths on to fish taking a little bite, then sucking all the insides leaving just the shell. The Zebra Mussel is concerning because it clogs up water pipes world wide. Bioinvasion really changes and disrupts our food chain, leaving many species that would not have gone endangered, now being endangered.
Thanks For Watching
Irapimma Fish
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