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The differences of Labor camps and Death camps

By: Patrick Ramalho and Kyle Barry

Makahaka Hax

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of The differences of Labor camps and Death camps

The Difference between Labor camps and Death camps.
By: Patrick Ramalho and Kyle Barry Death Camps & Labor Camps
Throughout Europe Labor Camps The people who did not go to the Death camps were sent to Labor camps. They usually worked in quarries, but sometimes they worked for the German war effort. Labor camps were not as famous as Death camps but could have been just as deadly. Out of the 16,000 Jews in the Kamionka labor camp, only 36 Jews survived the war. Out of the 20 people in this class only 0.225% of one person would have survived in the Kamionka labor camp The conditions in the camps were so bad and– the workers were tortured, beaten and starved. Sometimes moms decided to kill their babies because they had no food for them. For food the Jews were fed black coffee without sugar and 300 grams of bread for breakfast. The “soup” was mainly water with smelly vegetables and old meat.In the labor camps the Jews died from starvation, exhaustion, and disease. Death Camps Death camps were also known as extermination camps. They were made by the german nazi and were made for killing large numbers of people by gassing them, (mostly jews). During the halocaust, 6 big and famously known death camps were created. Those camps were the Auschwitz ll, Chemo, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka camps. In the Auschwitz ll camp it was estimated that about 1.1 million Jews died. The END!!! :)
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