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Clara Barton

No description

Denise Creer

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Clara Barton

Early Life Born on December 25, 1821 Oxford, Massachusetts parents were Stephen Barton and Sarah Stone Barton Birth had 4 siblings (Dolly, Sally, Stephen, and David) Clarissa "Clara" Barton "Angel of the Battlefield" Early Life First Test When Clara was 11 years old, her brother, David, became seriously injured and Clara had to take care of him for 2 years Early Life Teaching (second test) Clara Barton started teaching in schools close to home at age 15 In 1850, Clara Barton started teaching in Bordentown, New Jersey where she opened the first free public school in that state Call to Adventure The Civil War She left when a male teacher started teaching there and earned a salary twice as much as Clara's When the Civil War started, Clara did her best to help out as much as she could Early Life Working (third test) Clara Barton worked as a copyist in the Patent Office in Washington D.C. from 1853 to 1861 She was the first woman to have this job Tests and Trials She also took care of her neighbors who had gotten small pox Call to Adventure Providing Supplies Started helping by taking supplies to men of the Sixth Massachusetts Infantry She provided food, clothing, and other supplies to sick and injured soldiers She created her own agency that organized and distributed supplies to soldiers Clara volunteered as a nurse to tend to injured soldiers on the battlefields before and after wars The Civil War (nursing) Late in 1861, she had to return home to help her father who had fallen ill but started nursing soldiers again the next spring assisted in a hospital in Chatham, Virginia and recorded the names of the soldiers who died and where they were buried in her diary assisted a physician in Fredericksburg and was also able to establish a soup kitchen there The Civil War (Nursing) Tests and Trials went to Hilton Head in April 1863 where she established field hospitals was appointed by Major Benjamin F. Butler to be in charge of nursing and diet at the X Corps Hospital Tests and Trials The Civil War (Nursing) She was appointed by Abraham Lincoln to look for missing prisoners of war, helping soldiers reunite with their units and their families, and telling families what happened to soldiers set up an organization called Friends of the Missing Men of the United States Army to help look for specific soldiers Tests and Trials The Civil War (Nursing) Urged by leaders of the International Red Cross, Clara Barton organized an American Branch of the Red Cross in May 12, 1881 (the American Association of the Red Cross) The flag was raised for the first time to help victims of a forest fire in Michigan in 1881 chartered streamers to carry supplies to help flood victims near the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers organized programs to help people in Turkey and Anemia in 1896 gave $120,000 worth of assistance and supplies to survivors of a hurricane and tidal wave that hit Galveston, Texas Final Battle The American International Red Cross The Final Battle The American International Red Cross The Red Cross expanded to include relief from wartime disasters and natural disasters (the "American Amendment") Clara was awarded the German Iron Cross for her work in the Franco- Prussian War C The Final Battle The American International Red Cross Death Clara's Low point She was criticized for her dictator- like style of management She kept poor records People thought she was too old to lead Death Clara's Death She died of pneumonia She died in Glen Echo, Maryland She was 90 years old
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