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A Single Shard

By Linda Sue Park

madeline g

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of A Single Shard

"A Single Shard" By Linda Sue Park http://www.powells.com/biblio/1-9780547534268-0 Point of View *The story is in third person point of view.

*The point of view helps shape the characters because the narrator knows about every character so he can tell us about them and exactly what they do. Setting *The setting of the story is in Ch'ulp'o. It was mostly at Min's house and under the bridge where Tree-ear and Crane-man stayed.

*The setting changes when Tree-ear is at the bridge at night, and he goes to Min's house during he day. Sometimes he went to the beach and the woods to get things for Min. It also changes when Tree-ear goes to Songdo to give some pottery to Emissary Kim. Characters *The protagonist in the story is Tree-ear.

*Tree-ear is a twelve year old orphan boy who lives under a bridge, so his clothes aren't clean. He worked for Min because he broke his vases. He hopes that Min will teach him how to make pottery. Tree-ear is really mature and he has a lot of courage, especially when he goes to Songdo. He never gave up on Min.
*Min was a potter who made pottery for Emissary Kim. Tree-ear worked for him. He paid him by feeding him. He soon adopted Tree-ear as his son. Min always did his best work on pottery. He always tried hard.

*Ajima was Min's wife. She acted as Tree-ear's mother. She provided him with food, and she gave him warm clothes that belonged to her dead son. If it weren't for Ajima, Min may have never accepted Tree-ear. Ajima was very loving and caring.

*Crane-man took care of Tree-ear. He had a bad leg, so he had to have a crutch. He has always been there for Tree-ear. He became Tree-ear's companion. Other Characters Plot "A Single Shard" by Linda Sue Park is about a boy named Tree-ear who breaks some of Min's pottery. He starts to work for Min. Soon he has visit Songdo to give some pottery to Emissary Kim. He has lots of adventures on his way. When he gets back, his life is changed. He soon becomes a part of Min's family. Exposition In the exposition, it tells about Tree-ear. It says that he is an orphan boy who lives under a bridge with his companion named Crane-man. Crane-man is very old. It also tells that the setting is in Ch'ulp'o. Favorite Character My favorite character is Tree-ear. He is my favorite because he never gave up, even when Min's pottery broke, he still brought it to Emissary Kim. He also is very courageous, especially when he was in the woods with the wolf. I wish I had as much courage as him! Inciting Incident The inciting incident happened when Tree-ear broke some of Min's pottery. Rising Action This occurs when Tree-ear dropped some pots. Min got mad. Tree-ear has to start working for Min to help him make pottery. Climax The climax happens when Emissary Kim came to look at pots, and he looked at Kang's pottery. Also, when the robbers through Min's pottery down a cliff. Tree-ear found a single hard left of it. Falling Action The falling action happened when Tree-ear took the single shard that he found to Emissary Kim. Resolution This happens when Min got a commission to make pottery for the royals for one and a half years. When Tree-ear gets back home, he finds out that Crane-man died. Denouement In the denouement, Tree-ear becomes part of Min's family. Min and Ajima rename him Hyung-Gu, their son's name. Figurative Language Figurative Language Figurative Language Quote Theme THE END Thank You!!!! "As he walked home that evening, no answer surfaced among the questions that darted about like fish in his mind(51)." Simile- This compares Tree-ear's questions to fish darting around. This explains how Tree-ear has so many questions, and he doesn't have an answer for either of them. "On his way to Min's house early one morning, as the plum trees took on their gold and scarlet autumn garb, Tree-ear spied the potter Kang wheeling a cart toward the kiln site(49)." Metaphor- This is comparing the plum trees to having a gold and scarlet garb. It tells that it is autumn, and the tree are starting to turn differrent colors. "You clung to my good leg like a monkey to a tree, not crying but not letting go, either (9)." Simile- This compares Tree-ear to a monkey. This explaines that when Tree-ear was little the monks came to get him, but he didn't want to go so he clung onto Crane-man.
"In by stealth or trickery-I say it is stealing. But once a man has revealed his idea to others, it is no longer his alone. It belongs to the world.” I like this quote because it is true. If a person is tells you something it no longer belongs to just him. It belongs to you ,too. The theme is to never give up. Tree-ear never gave up when the robbers dropped the pottery down the cliff. He went looking for it, and he found a single shard. He didn't give up on himself or on Min. Because he didn't give up, Min got a commission to make pottery for the royals. Tone *The tone is determined and courageous. Diction- "The sooner the better for Min's work to reach Songdo (119)." Tree-ear was determined to get the pottery to Emissary Kim fast. Details- "No, he would have to remain there, alert for any trap the devilish creature might spring (114)." Tree-ear was courageous because he decided to be strong and not let the fox see him. Imagery- "The pillow of fluid that had formed on his palm during the long hours of weilding the ax had burst(21)." Tree-ear was determined to get the job done for Min even though he was badly hurt.
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