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San Diego

No description

Pierre Cahagne

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of San Diego

San Diego, California Tourism Millions visit San Diego evry year, makes most of economy
San Diego Zoo, one of the biggest zoo in the world, More than 4,000 animals are there.
Sea World

Convention Center
Aerospace Museum
San Diego Harbor(USS Midway)

Economy Fishing Sport fishing, Sells fish
they mostly catch:
Barred Surf Perch
Pacific Sardine
Californian Halibut
Industries San Diego,makes some equipment for example:
Aerospace equipment
Electronics equipment
Farms New York,
New York Economy Tourism 7.6 million people commute to New York City every day
Fith Avenue
Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty
Times Square
Central Park
Rockefeller Center
Grand Central Terminal Inudustries Major Fortune 500 companies
Citi Group
Verizon Communications
2nd largest city for film industry

Environment Agriculture Cultivation:
Avocados- 40% come from California
Citrus- 2nd after Florida
Oranges- 2nd after Florida
Eggs- 4 million hens lay more than 800 million eggs per year
Corn Why do you want to come to
San Diego?
Perfect Climate
Beutiful Cities (La Jolla...)
Football Teams
Baseball Teams
Good Schools
Essentional Question:
How does the environment affect the economy of my city? Next to the Ocean
Perfect climate, to grow crops
Perfect climate, makes tourist come
Next to Mexico (Drugs Issue) Surface facts
Essential Question
How does the environment effect the economy of my city? Hudson River feeds into Atlantic Ocean, helped New York grow as a trading city
Central Park is most visited park in U.S
Surface Facts Agriculture Major pruducts grown in city
sweet corn
onions Why should you come to New York? Great Colleges
Football teams
Baseball teams
So many things to do
Beautiful City 12 miles away from Mexican border
4,241,540 live there city and metropolitan area
Climate- Semiarid
63 degrees (average)
Annulal rainfall- 10.4 inches
Laguna Mountain range
Culture Surface Culture Cusine:
Mexican Food
Asian food
Seafood ..

Music- R'N'B, Pop Rock, Hip Hop... Education Schools:
San Diego State
And not far away
UCLA and much more ... Deep Culture Liked to be looked in the eyes
Have good friendship (nice)
Like to have things done
Order of time- Breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner
Treat domestique animals as pets
Like to Surf Sport Teams San Diego Chargers (Football)
San Diego Padres (Baseball)
San Diego Sockers (Soccer)
San Diego Gulls (Hockey) Essential Question: How does the environment
affect the culture?
Next to Ocean
Close to Mexican Border MYP Unit question: To what
extent does environment influence movement? Safe unlike LA
Space between "cities"

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Airport of San Diego
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