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French Canadians

No description

Corey Li

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of French Canadians

In June 24, 1534. French explorer Jacques Cartier made his way through the gulf of St.Lawrence and reached to the shore of Canada. He took the name of "King Of France". On the second journey in May 26 1535, he sailed up St.Lawrence river and reached Quebec. It was Cartier who establish the First settlement on Canada. The French were disappointed after the second voyage of Cartier and did not invest further large sums in his adventure. After Champlain's founding of Quebec city in 1608, its become the capital of New France.
French Canadians
Immigration Process
Daily Life Challenges

Life was difficult back then. There were no roads, and bridges. Families had to build their own shelter and it took more than one year to make. Diets were very limited, Often people only eat meat and a carb like cornmeal and perhaps stored potatoes over winter
Before the light bulbs were invented in 1879 people living in the 1800's had to use candles and if they didn't have that then they had to work and did everything at daylight and went to bed when it was sunset and when it was getting dark out.
Prior to the 1800's, many people were farmers. Most people lived in the country or in small towns. Then in the mid 1800's that's when more jobs opened up and people flock to their cities.
The working condition in the 1800 were such that the people worked in factories where air conditioning was bad and the drainage system was not good. There was bad ventilation pollution of gases and the people were overworked. In some cases there were child labor.
Family Life
Family life in 1800's was not easy to compare to today. Family was larger back then. They will have to work day to night if they were farmers working on their land. Children had very little in the way of toys and clothes. Food may not always been plentiful as well.
The average couple could have as much children as they want be usually they have 2 children.
During eating periods as a family, they would usually eat chicken pie since one of the family members have to be a farmer, they can easily get chickens, vegetables and a minimum amount of flour.


Back then in the 1800's, there wasn't that many houses.
Even if there's still houses, not much can afford it.
People usually build their own house. They can use branches
grasses or rocks to build their own shelter.
But, most likely, there were farmers so they have the money
to build the supplies they need to build a house.
It might take over a month to build a branch house because
they have to gather the branches and keep them still for
them to not fall.
The French-Canadians most likely live in Quebec.
Jacques Cartier

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