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Million Dollar Baby

English Assigment

Prudence Long

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby How is gender represented? Gender role and Sterotypes Setting Gender Inequality Frankie Dunn - Under-appreciated boxing trainer
- Doesn’t want to risk his fighters getting hurt
- Redemption through helping a female
boxer become a professional boxer with a title Gender Role and Steryotypes - Million Dollar Baby, tries to makes traditional gender roles obsolete, there is still see a focus on the main characters feminine side
- Main Character follows her dream with determination, strength, faith and hard work
- She works to transcend female stereotype but, as a direct consequence of this success she must die
- Steps far out from the standard feminine role Maggie Fitzgerald Do you think a woman who had been brought up in middle or upper class society would be in her circumstances? NO WAY 'Love is a mnay Splendid thing' 'A Place in the Sun' 'Empire Falls' In the film there is a need to make the representation of the female gender role obsolete, considering boxing is such a male domineered sport. Setting - Gender is represented is through the setting of the film
- Portrayed through the male characters and the films main setting, boxing
- Main settings include boxing rings and the gym ‘The Hit Pit’
- The gym in particular is a male dominated ‘zone’. We see the female lead often ridiculed by other members 'The Hit pit' - Ridiculed for being
at ‘male gym’
- Use derogitry dialogue to
convey the mood
- Dull lighting conveys the
masculinity yet threatening
tone to the conversation
- Presentation of the gym
conveys the male dominance
- Use of male extras is an
obvious way to convey the
strangeness of a female in this
particular area. - Gender inequalities are an important part of looking at how gender is represented
- Looking at gender inequalities in the film has shown another example to me of oppression of female characters Maggies success dependant upon a maleWhile we see
- Idolizes father not mother
- Inequality between male, female characters represents the female gender role as one under the male.
-Representation of gender is very limited. Gender Inequalities Maggie Fitzgerald and Frankie Dunn Maggie Fitzgerald Million Dollar Baby Gender Roles Setting Gender
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