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Elvis The King

No description

sergio Pacheco

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Elvis The King

Elvis The King By sergio Pacheco, Dylan Schreiber,
and Cole Young
When were you born? Elvis was born January 8th of 1935
Where were you born? Elvis was born in Tupelo Mississippi Where did you live most of your life? Elvis lived most of his life at his house called "Graceland", in Memphis Tennesse.
Did you live with both of your parernts ? Elvis lived with both parents Vernon and Gladys How did you get discovered? Elvis was discovered while he was recording a song for his mom. When and where did you get discovered? Elvis was discovered at Sun Records in 1954. Did you win any awards? Yes, Elvis won three Grammys but was nominated for fourteen. When did You win the awards? 1956 through 1970 is when Elvis won the awards. What was your most important award
Grammy award for best singer What was your style of performing?
He swayed his hips and danced on stage. What was your style of fashion? What style of music did you perform?
He wore high collar shirts. Elvis sang early rock n roll. What was your most popular hit? Elvis best hit was Jailhouse rock.
Endorcement Elvis should be in this concert because Elvis has a unique of performing and singing.
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