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Choice 1

No description

Ross Levensohn

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of Choice 1

Christian Sottosanti, Joe Schlessinger, Ross Levensohn
The Name and Logo
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
The Business
Sells family style BBQ cuisine.
Most famous for its large portion and delicious southern style meals.
Chain restaurant, widely known across America.
Target audience is middle class families with young children.
Average cost is about 15 dollars per item.
Operating Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:30 am -12:00 pm
Sunday: 11:30 am- 10:00 pm
Prime hours: Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday afternoons.
We eat there often and suggest it to friends and family. We love the food and the atmosphere especially to watch football.
“Dinosaur” is a metaphor.
It expresses the size of the chain, each restaurant, and the portion size of the meals.
Tells you type of food restaurant serves.
Dinosaurs are commonly construed to be enormous.
Dinosaur- a fossil reptile of the Mesozoic era, often reaching an enormous size.
Tone words:
Intriguing- “Dinosaur” is a authoritative word and acts to arouse emotions of customers.
Unique- Using the word dinosaur as an adjective is unorthodox especially in the restaurant business when describing BBQ food.
Intimidating-Dinosaur is a very powerful and descriptive adjective when discussing the size of something.
Awed- The name, being very intimidating and intriguing, electrifies wondrous emotions in customers much like the size of the restaurant itself.
Red (border and main font), Black (background), Green (color of dinosaur), and Yellow (background and main font) are the primary colors in the logo.
Tone words: Powerful, Intimidating, Exciting.
Color descriptions:
Red- associated with energy and fire (literal and figurative)
Black- associated with power and mystery
Yellow- (common with food) very arousing and warming color
Green- associated with nature and safety
Font employed: Although it may not be an exact match, the font appears to be Braggadocio, a thick and bold text with an addition effect on the letters in the logo.
• How it is used: It is very bold, and has a color transition from yellow to red, which is aesthetically pleasing to customers and represents fire representing the restaurant, seeing as it is a BBQ restaurant. The dinosaur is also breathing fire, and the text “Dinosaur BBQ” has an effect on it making it look pre-historic, similar to dinosaurs and is attractive to viewers.
The logo is placed in a circular shape.
Denotative description: The logo shows the type of food (in the dinosaur's hand) and shows smoky BBQ from the fire being blown on the food. It also shows that the meals are messy, as most BBQ restaurants are, from the towel on the hand of the dinosaur.
Connotative description: The logo suggests that the food is in large portion because there is a large amount of food on the plate being held by the dinosaur.
Logo has been in use since company’s foundation in 1998.
Emphasis is incorporated in the logo as the dinosaur is in the foreground and in the center of the logo. Unity is also incorporated as the font formatted in a circle holds the entire logo together. Balance is also incorporated, where the words Dinosaur and Bar-B-Que are on opposite sides of the logo, making it unified and symmetrical, in addition to easy to visualize.
Tone Words:
Intimidating- The logo is very intimidating because it has a big dinosaur in the middle and very large and dark font text.
Bold- The font is very bold and stands out on the outsides of the logo.
Candid- The logo is very straightforward. It tells you what kind of food is served and also details about the style of the restaurant.
Brisk- The colors are very stimulating and lively and attractive to the viewers.
South End of Stamford
South End: revamped with new additions such as Dinosaur BBQ and Fairway Market.
Easily accessible via “the Urban Transit way”- a transportable project in Stamford featuring a HOV lane and a bike lane.
Very large building- Dinosaur is a fraction of the whole building.
Location contradicts the restaurant theme… southern BBQ in a downtown setting?
Take-out section, bar, outside seating area and main seating area.
Doors: 6 doors- 2 are functional as entrance and exit, the other 4 are decorative.
45 tables plus a bar.
Around 170 seats.
Windows: 45.
The size of it makes you feel: small, amazed, awed, impressed.
At the same time: surprised at the size because it doesn’t look that big from the outside.
Architectural adornments:
Noticeable overhang roof over the outside seating- precariously suspended from the larger building using wires.
Large concrete columns throughout the restaurants- give the restaurant an unfinished look.
Plants and pumpkins decorate the entrance.
From the outside, the entrance is very symmetrical. It is boxy.
Triangular roof overhead.
Defining lines: window panes, railings, roof edges.
Tone words: Inviting, excited, giddy, cheerful, comforting.
unfinished look.
chalk writing everywhere.
helps establish familiarity with the customer. It allows the customer to make his mark in the bathroom.
shape is incredibly irregular. The defining lines include the edge of the brick and grey wall. Also the edge of the window and the concrete wall. The shape is boxy and random.
Sentimental, comforting, humorous.
The take out area:
Everything is wooden, including firewood. There is a light up sign, and chalk signs around.
The take out area cleverly conceals the modern kitchen with wood. It has a boxy shape.
Defining lines are where the top signs end at the bottom, and the counter.
Straightforward, neutral, interesting.

Seat rests approximately 2.5 feet above ground. The chair is constructed by wooden bars. The back is perpendicular to the seat with no curvature.
Comfort: 2
It is very rigid and hard. not uncomfortable, but not comfortable.
It is very plain, but suitable as a sitting place for a meal.
2.5 feet off ground. Solid wood seats and perpendicular solid wood backing. Once again plain with no curvature. There is a railing/armrest on the edge of the seat, and a wood wall on the opposite edge.
Comfort: 3.
While the seat is very hard and plain, its comfortable because of the enclosed, protected aspect of the booth.
Safe, protected.
Seat is approximately 3.5 feet off the ground. A solid, curved wood base and a short backrest perpendicular made out of wooden bars.
Comfort: 1.5.
The height is uncomfortable. The seat feels flimsy like it might break with a sudden movement. The backrest is awkwardly short and forces one to lean over the high table.
Threatening. Rigid. Rickety.
Dinosaur BBQ is table service.
Served by a waiter or waitress.
Beverages are ordered and delivered by a waiter or waitress. Refills are offered.
Your area is cleaned by the restaurant staff. They take away all your plates, utensils, napkins, and the bucket that is provided for the table.
Tone Words:
attentive- they paid careful attention such as being there to take orders, refill drinks, remove dirty plates, and made sure our needs were met.
knowledgeable- recommended popular items, portion sizes, and gave descriptions of menu items.
The wings were laid out symmetrically. The wings were in the center, along with the sauce. Both were surrounded by 6 celery sticks, three on each side.
There is a balance: each quadrant of the plate is occupied by part of the dish which creates a balance among the dish.
The main course:
Two varieties of plates: normal plates and plates divided into three sections. The plates are very functional. Many of the meals also come with sides (1 or 2). The three-section plates work perfectly to divide the three aspects of the meal. The plain plates work well for everything else.
The Bucket: helps reinforce the style of the restaurant. Given to every table for their wings. It is plain, metal, and makes the restaurant feel like a sincere BBQ place.
Serving quality old fashioned barbeque cuisine to families since 1983.
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