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What Do You Know About Joan Miro?

Middle School Art History lesson and projects on Joan Miro.

Melanie Mehrer

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of What Do You Know About Joan Miro?

What do you
about Joan

Can you
What you
about Joan
Joan Miró was born
He isn't alive anymore, but if he were still alive, how old would he be?
Miró worked in a
after he finished school. But he hated it and had a
nervous breakdown
So he quit his job, moved to a
and began to paint all the time. His father was very angry because artists are poorer than businessmen..
His father was a
and was very serious. He wanted Joan to be a
. So Joan went to business school but took
art lessons
in secret
Do you think Miró did the
right thing?
While Miró lived
on the farm, he painted a very
famous picture about everything he
about the
- he included everything "from a huge tree to a tiny snail."
Miró's farm painting was cubist. He had a very famous friend who was also a Cubist, and they lived in Paris, though they were both Spanish. Do you know who that might be?
Pablo Picasso!
What can you see in
Miró's painting?
They were great friends their whole lives and
each other's art.
When Miró moved
to Paris, two things happened.
1) he met a lot of Surrealist painters like Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp.

A Ladder:
to fly from Earth into
the sky, where dreams
are found- and to escape from something below!
The Harlequin's Carnival:
Miró made symbols of things that were important to him and put them in
many of his paintings.
A Black Triangle:
The Eiffel Tower!
Remember, Miró lived
in Paris!
A Big Black Dot:

The Earth. Miró used this
because there is only one Earth and he
was obsessed with one thought:
"I want to conquer
the world!"
Miro painted this painting,

Self Portrait 2
. Can you see he used his alphabet
of symbols? Here, the eyes are two suns. He liked to paint
the moon and stars (sometimes small black dots) and women,
poetry and birds. Miró loved all of those things, but he didn’t need
to paint them as they looked- he had
Miró liked
a lot and his titles were very poetic.
He liked to paint
in his paintings.
Do you ever paint words in your paintings?
What word would you
like to paint?
As Miró got older and more famous, he began to do
big public sculptures
and used his alphabet of symbols in the sculptures
too. Sometimes he painted them very bright, happy
colours! Other times, he didn’t paint them
at all.
After the World War II, many people weren’t happy in Europe anymore, so many artists moved to America. Miró moved to New York City and became influenced by other artists he hadn’t met before like Rothko and Rauschenberg.
He was so poor and hungry sometimes he saw things that weren't there- kind of like dreaming when you are awake! (Hallucinations!)
The Miró Challenge!
Challenge 1

Miró said he often used his hands to feel an object and draw it with his eyes closed. Why do you think Miró would do that? What do you think he learned?
Miró Sculpture Challenge 1
Miró made things out of
. Can you make a sculpture out of objects you found? What kinds of things can you use? How can you put these things together?
Miró Sculpture
Challenge 2
Miró's sculptures are usually based on

Do you think you can make a Miró influenced
sculpture out of
? Remember it
must be your own idea!
Miró Challenge 2
Miró had a sketchbook where he made a dictionary of secret symbols that he used in his artwork.
Can you make your own secret symbol
alphabet? What things are important
enough in your life
to symbolize?
Miro Challenge 3
Miró liked to paint his dreams. Can you remember a dream you had? Can you create a landscape picture about your dream? Include everything you remember.

Joan Miró
Joan Miró
Take the Miro Challenge!
(You can even add new things.
How will anyone know?
It was your dream!
No one saw it but you!)

1. What are three things you know
about Joan Miró?
2. What are three symbols Joan Miró
used? Can you draw them?
3. Draw three symbols
of your own!
120 years old!
Shhhh! Don't tell anyone
my secret!
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