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No description

Hannah Brzustewicz

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Relationships

by: TGIM
Hannah Brzustewicz, Allison Kot, Emma K. Raegan Kerr, Kat Kovac.

relationships start with a bond you have with a person or anything else.
all relationships begin with desire
we desire things that lead us to happiness
happiness is only temporary because it is a feeling
Your own idea of happiness is how you live your life.
Christianity is started off with the incarnation and the paschal mystery.
through the incarnation we encounter and enter a relationship with God.
Christianity is not about a series of dogmas, but rather encountering and entering a relationship with God.
dogmas and doctrines are to insure faithfulness to the encounter.
• The encounter itself is life changing
God must remain faithful to who God is
He must respect the human person
The encounter must take place in language a person can understand
God can have no beginning and no end
he is immutable- unchanging over time.
Anthropomorphic- we can only talk about him in those terms
God is infinite- forever and ever totally beyond anything. No beginning or no end. And beyond our imagination.
God Cont'd
There is no way we can actually get in touch with God
he can reveal himself called revelation
he reveals himself through three ways
direct revelation
Desire Cont'd
Desire-want what you want it for
unmasking- come to realize to exactly what the reality is
come up with solution
Acceptance(starts over)
end relationship
Doesn't address the problem.
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