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Geography project

No description

Daniel Cook

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Geography project

My Geography Project by: Caleb Cook My Countries of choice are. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Rome, Italy Brasillia, Brazil Now I will give you some information about where I live, Toronto, Canada The language spoken in toronto is English and French (as a secondary language). The toronto health care system is a exelent set up of at least 20 hospitals, that include North York General Hospital,
and C.A.M.H. ( Center for adiction and Mental Health). And Toronto is Connected to the Governments Ontario
Health Care System, which gives health care that is paid through
taxes. Totonto is masive center for business and finance. IT is known as the finacial capital of Canada. Toronto contains a high consintration of Banks and Brokeage firms. The Tornto Stock Exchange is the worlds eighth largest stock exchange by market capitalization. The city is and important center for media ( C.B.C., the Hour, Hockey night in Canada, CTV Global media ). Publishing (Toronto Star), telecomunications ( Rogers Comunication ), informaition technology, film productions industries. Other Canadian Corperations in Toronto include, Hudsons Bay Company Manulife Finacial, Sunlife finacial. The citys stratigetic business positions are along the Quebec city-Windsor areas The citys Political section is fairly decent. The city uses only 11% of taxes on capita funding or non-program expentures. which means the other 89% of your money goes to things like major municipal purposes ( 59%) like the Toronto library, and the Toronto Zoo. and provencially mandated programs ( 36%) such as schools, drivers edd, etc. Toronto is governed by a mayor council
system (like Windsor). The start of municiple
government in Toronto, was put into action by
the City of Toronto Act. This Acts bill was passed
in year 1997, and was put into action 1998 January 1. The council consists of 44 councilers,
representing 44 different wards ( sections
throughout the city. Overall Torontos Political section is
moderatly firm. Toronto offers a series of post secondary
schools such as, the University of Toronto,
and York University. Board of education is run by the
T.D.S.B. (Toronto district School Board). It has a total of 558 public schools, 451 elementry schools, and 102 high schools. Toronto is a massive scene for theater and other arts.
Torontos culture and arts branch consists of more than 50 dance
companies, 6 opera companies, 2 sythony orcestras, and a host of
theaters. Toronto is full of art. Toronto also has a wide range of profesional sports teams. Some examples are, Hockey-the Toronto Maple Leaves.
Baseball-the Toronto BlueJays.
Basketball-the Toronto Raptors. Rome, Italy Brasilia, Brazil THe climate in Toronto is
similar to Windsors Climate. The End After I move from Toronto,
I expect that my culture will be exepted
their, such as my hobies, my sports, and my
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