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Time Management

No description

Caitlin Moore

on 19 June 2016

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Transcript of Time Management

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.
-Stephen R. Covey

Managing "Your" Time

1. Do you meet deadlines?
2. Do you feel well rested?
3. Do you plan out your week?
4. Do you have a checklist to organize
your daily activities?
5. Do you set goals for yourself?
6. Do you think that being a full-time
student is equivalent to having a full-
time job?
7. Do you prioritize?
8. Do you complete tasks in advance?
9. Do you use an organizational tool?
10. Do you feel you balance your
time efficiently?
Yes=1 No=0
1. Number of hours of sleep each night __ X 7 = __

2. Number of grooming hours per day __ X 7 = __

3. Number of hours for meals/snacks
per day __ X 7 = __

4a. Total travel time weekdays __ X 5 = __

4b. Total travel time weekends ___

5. Number of hours per week for
regularly scheduled functions ___

6. Number of hours per day for chores,
errands, extra grooming, etc. __ X 7 = __

7. Number of hours of work per week ___

8. Number of hours in class per week ___

9. Number of average hours per week
socializing, dates, etc. ___
Self-Management Questionnaire
(Yes or No)
Can we really manage time?
Answer: No, time will continue to go by.
However, you can manage how you "invest" your time.
Follow Through
Steps to Successful Self-Management
So...the choice is up to you on how you "invest" your time!
Not Urgent
Not Important
Quadrant I
Quadrant II
Quadrant III
Quadrant IV
Take a look at the big picture
Consider where you are in relation to your academic and personal goals
Start to think about what you need to do to put those goals into action
Gather your thoughts
Write out all your activities
Think about how you are going to keep track of everything
List your activities in order of importance and urgency
Get done right away
Should say "no" to
Do not need to do
Time Management System from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Choose an organizational tool
Start writing down your activities, assignments and commitments with the deadlines
How do you use your hours per week?
Presented by: Caitlin Moore
Be sure to follow your schedule
Reward yourself
Be flexible
Be persistent
Stay focused
Survey done by George Mason University
Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
- Winston Churchill
Make sure you leave yourself free time
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