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Star Wars

Information on all of the Star wars movies plus our opinions on them.

Jack Miner

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Star Wars

STAR WARS The Original Trilogy A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back Return Of The Jedi The Prequel Trilogy The Phantom Menace Attack Of The Clones Revenge of The Sith The Clone Wars The Rankings The Ultimate Our opinions on the new movie THANK YOU
BY JACK AND JACKSON Yoda Obi-wan with a Lightsaber Star Wars The Clone Wars
Released: 2008
Money made: $68,282,844
Settings: Christophisis, Teth, Tatooine
Main Characters: Anakin skywalker (Jedi Knight (Matt lanter), Ashoka Tano (Jedi Apprentice (Ashley Eckstein) Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master).
Villains: Count Dooku (Sith Lord (Christopher lee), Asajj Ventress (Secret Sith Lord ( Nikka Futterman)
Problem: Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress have kidnapped Jabba the Hutt’s son and the Jedi need safe passage through Jabba’s territory. However Dooku and Ventress have a plan to make it appear that the Jedi have kidnapped Jabba’s son so that it will be easier to win the war.
Visual Effects: Unlike all of the other Star Wars movies this movie was completely computer animated. Therefore the visual effects had a much different look. If we were ranking the effects on how realistic they were this would get a zero but the animation was done very well.
Mark 2/2
Storyline: During a battle on Christophisis the Jedi hear that Jabba the hutt’s son has been kiddnapped. Anakin and Ashoka go to Teth to find him while Obi-Wan meets with Jabba. Anakin and Ashoka escape with the hutt. When they arrive on Tatooine Count Dooku is there to take the hutt. Anakin avoids him and Ashoka returns the hutt. This storyline is creative but doesn’t fit with the title. A more sutable title would be Star wars Battle For The Hutts. Mark 1/2
Excitement level: In this movie there are many exciting battles that last for up to half an hour. As in episode 1 the interludes between these battles are boring, however they are not as long.
Mark ½
Acting: Since this movie was completely computer generated the only acting in this movie was voice acting. Most of the voices were accurate to the facial expressions. Mark ½
Opening crawl: This film took a completely different take on an opening crawl. Instead of having words rolling up the screen there was a video playing on the screen while a voice spoke words. This opening crawl speaks of clones being small in number and having little Jedi to keep peace in the galaxy. It also introduces the problem for the film clearly. ½
Final Mark 6/10 Star Wars Episode I
The Phantom Menace
Released: 1999
Money Made: 1,027,044,677 dollars in American
Settings: Naboo, Tatooine, Coruscant
Main Characters: Padme Amidala (Queen of Naboo (Natalie Portman), Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Master (Liam Neeson), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi apprentice (Ewan Mcgregor), Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine slave (Jake lloyd).
Villains: Darth Sidious (Sith Lord (Ian Mcdiarmid), Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice (Ray Park), Trade Federation (Greedy Nemodian Organization)
Problem: The Trade federation has invaded the planet Naboo in an attempt to control the trade routes used to bring supplies to the planet. They have created a blockade of deadly starships and sent their battle droids down to the planet. They are secretly being run by a Sith lord called Darth sidious and his apprentice Darth Maul who plans to destroy the Jedi trying to stop them.
Visual Effects: All of the visual effects in this movie were done by the company ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) the blasters and lightsabers made an improvement from the last trilogy. They didn’t look flat and were done completely by computer instead of utilising rotoscoping (read Episode 4,5,6). The CG characters were done fairly well except for Yoda who turned out really strange. Mark ½
Storyline: As the Trade Federation invades Naboo and captures the Queen, two Jedi try to rescue her. They succeed and are bringing her to Coruscant in her starship to tell the senate about the problem when they are hit and must land on the desert planet Tatooine. They enter a race to win the money needed to fix their ship and they also plan to free a slave named Anakin. They win the race and go to Coruscant. Unfortunately the senate doesn’t help and they must save the planet themselves. They defeat the Trade federation and celebrate the liberation of the Naboo. The storyline is cleverly written and has an interesting backstory of Anakins life. Mark 2/2
Excitment level: This movie has many exciting parts such as the race and Battle of Naboo. however the interludes between the exciting parts are boring and drag on much too long.
Mark ½
Acting: The acting in this movie is probably the best out of any of the movies. Liam Neeson was the best and was closely followed by Natalie Portman. They expressed emotions and thoughts clearly throughout the movie. Mark 2/2
Opening Crawl (Words rolling up screen at beginning): This opening Crawl is extremely boring and blabs on about taxtation fees and the economy. It basicly just states a bunch of information that is totally irrelevant. Mark 0/2
Final Mark: 6/10 Star wars Episode II
Attack of the Clones
Released: 2002
Money Made: 649,398,328
Settings: Coruscant, Naboo, Kamino and Geonosis
Main Characters: Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Apprentice ( Hayden Christensen), Obi-wan Kenobi ( Jedi Knight ( Ewan Mcgregor), Padme Amidala ( Naboo Senator ( Natalie Portman)
Villains: Darth Sidious ( Sith lord ( Ian Mcdiarmid), Darth Tyranus ( Sith apprentice ( Christopher Lee), The seperatist army ( Rebels against the republic)
Problem: As more planets choose to leave the republic to join the seperatists lead by Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus) The Jedi warriors are struggling to keep the peace and must vote to create an army for the republic.
Visual Effects: In this movie the special effects were once again done completely by computer to give the blasters a clean and shining look. Most of the characters and backgrounds in this movie were animated. The only ones that weren’t were the ones that could be built or acted by a human. The animated characters were well made and could interacted with human actors. Yoda made a noticeable improvement from the previous film however some of his facial expressions were strange. Mark 1.5/2
Storyline: After many attempts on her life on the planet coruscant Padme Amidala is escorted back to her homeworld of Naboo by Anakin while Obi-Wan inspects the Republic's Clone Army on the planet Kamino. He follows a bounty hunter to the planet Geonosis where he spies on the separatists. He is captured and Anakin and Padme must rescue him. They are all saved by the new clone army. The clone wars begin and the Episode ends with traces of uncertainty in all of the character’s minds. This storyline can be a bit too complicated at some points. 1/2
Excitement Level: This movie is very dull and without action up until Obi wan is captured on Geonosis. It is a two and a half hour movie therefore the dull part is much too long. Mark 0.5/2
Acting: There isn’t really much to say about the acting in this movie. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t horrible. 1\2
Opening Crawl: Once again the opening crawl blabbed on about how the democratic sentate was falling apart and the Republic needed to vote about the creation of the army. If it lead into an more exciting beginning it would have been fine but it didn’t. Mark 0.5/2
Final Mark 4.5/10 One of Yoda's weird expressions Star wars Episode III
Revenge of The Sith
Released: 2005
Money Made: 848,754,768 dollars in American
Settings: Coruscant, Utapau, Mustafar.
Main Characters: Anakin Skywalker ( Jedi Knight ( Hayden Christensen), Obi-Wan Kenobi ( Jedi Master (Ewan Mcgreggor), Padme Skywalker (Senator/ Wife of Anakin (Natalie Portman)
Villains: General Grievous (Cyborg leader of the seperatists (Matthew wood), Emperor Palpatine (Sith lord and leader of the republic (Ian Mcdiarmid)
Problem: As the Clone wars rage on through the galaxy Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker begins to have visions of his secret wife dying this begins to lead him closer to the dark side.
Visual Effects: This movie was the most recently released live-action Star wars Movie. Therefore the visual effects were amazing. If you watched this movie you might not know it but the only parts that were not animated were the human characters. Also in the movie, the animated characters were perfected and Yoda looked the best ever in all of the movies.
Mark 2/2
Storyline: At the beginning Anakin and Obi-Wan lead a mission to rescue the leader of the republic Chancellor Palpatine who was kidnapped by General Grievous. They rescue Palpatine but Grievous escapes. When they return Anakin begins to have nightmares that his wife Padme will die. When Obi-Wan goes to the planet Utapau to destroy Grievous Anakin stays on Coruscant to seek help from Chancellor Palpatine. Palpatine turns Anakin to the dark side and gets him to wipe out all of the Jedi under the sith name Darth vader. He wipes out all of the Jedi except for Obi-Wan and Yoda and few others. Obi-Wan duels with Anakin on Mustafar and Anakin is severly damaged. Anakin survives however and must wear a special suit to stay alive. This storyline clearly explains how Anakin became Darth vader and is also very exciting. Mark 2/2
Excitement level: This movie held the excitement level for the longest amount of time and the excitement rarely stopped. There were battles after battles spanning the entire movie. Mark 2/2
Acting: Much like in Episode II the acting in this movie was not horrible but it wasn’t great either. Mark ½
Opening Crawl: The opening crawl in this movie explained how Chancellor Palpatine was kidnapped and Anakin and Obi-Wan had to rescue him. It clearly introduced the beginning of the movie but did not spoil the story. Mark 2/2
Final Mark 9/10 Anakin and Obi-wan on mustafar.
almost all of this picture is animated Star Wars Episode IV
A New Hope

Year released:1977
Money made: $775,398,007 (american dollars)
Settings: Tatooine, Death Star, Yavin IV
Main Characters: Luke Skywalker (Tatoonie farm boy( Mark Hamill), Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Jedi in exile( Alec Guinness), Princess Leia Organa ( Carrie Fisher), Han Solo (Smuggler (Harrison Ford)
Villains: Darth Vader( Sith Lord(David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones), Grand Moff Tarkin (Imperial General(Peter Cushing)
Problems: The Empire, led by Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin , have created a super weapon known as the Death Star to destroy Yavin IV ,the planet on which the first rebel base is located on.
Visual Effects: To make the illusion that Vader and Obi-Wan are dueling with real, glowing lightsabers, George Lucas utilized an effect called rotoscoping, where set lights were reflected off a wooden blade coated with a reflective material.
To make it appear that a star fighter zoomed past the camera, a motion-control (Dykstraflex) camera was used. It was attached to a boom arm and could be programmed to move around a small model of a starship and make it appear the model was flying. These effects were very good for their time but are not as good as modern effects. 1\2
Storyline: In A New Hope, the rebel alliance has stolen the plans to the empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Star, which end up in the hands of an innocent boy, who then meets a Jedi in exile. They venture to the Death Star, where The Jedi locks into combat with the ruthless Sith lord Darth Vader, who then destroys the Jedi. The boy escapes to Yavin IV, where he is informed of the empire’s plans and pilots an X-wing fighter in the attack on the Death Star. The boy is the pilot who destroys the Death Star with a torpedo and brings hope to the alliance. I liked this storyline and found it fit well in the movie saga. 2/2
Excitement level: The excitement level was high in some places but dropped in others. Episode IV was the first Star Wars movie ever made and in, my opinion was the least exciting of the original trilogy. 1\2
Acting: The acting was very well done but in some places dipped in quality when actors talked too fast. 1.5/2
Opening crawl: The opening crawl tells of what has happened between Episode III and IV and how the rebels gained possession of the Death Star plans. It is necessary but not interesting. 0.5/2
Final mark: 6/10 As you have probably heard by now there is going to be a new Star Wars Movie. In this project we have included our opinions and plot ideas.
Jack's opinions: I am personally happy that they will be making a new Star wars film because Star Wars is a franchise that is beginning to get less and less popular as the years go on. I think that a new film will revitalise the series.
Jack's Plot ideas: I think that the new movie will be about the Yuzhan Vongs invasion of the Galaxy from the book series The New Jedi Order. The books take place twenty-five years after the Return of the Jedi and it has been close to that amount of time since that movie was released.
Jackson's Opinions: I'm very excited that a seventh movie is being made and I can't wait to see it. I am excited about the new movie because I am obsessed with STAR WARS and sometimes I get bored from watching the exsisting movies over and over again.
Jackson's Plot ideas: I think that the plot will be about the Yhuzhan Vong's attempt to invade the galaxy. I think this because starting in 1999 a series of books was released telling the story of the Yuzhan Vong's invasion of the galaxy. Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader
dueling before this scene was edited. Star Wars
Episode VI
Return Of The Jedi

Year released: 1983
Money made:$475,106,177 (american dollars)
Setting: Tatoonie, Endor, Death Star II
Main characters: Luke Skywalker (Jedi knight (Mark Hamill), Han Solo (Smuggler
(Harrison Ford), Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), Lando Calrissian (Leader of
cloud city (Billy Dee Williams)
Villains: Darth Vader (Sith Lord (David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones),
Darth Sidious (Sith Lord (Ian Mcdiarmid)
Problem: Darth Sidious plans to replace Darth Vader with his own son, Luke
Skywalker. The rebel alliance must destroy the second Death Star, which the
emperor reveals is operational.
Visual effects: The same effects were used as in Episode IV and V. 1\2
Storyline: After Han Solo encased in carbonite is transported to Jabba the Hutt,
Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca must rescue him, but are captured after many events in
Jabba’s palace and are transported to the pit of Carkoon, to be fed to the Sarlacc
that inhabits it. They then escape (with Han unfrozen) and they rendezvous with
the rebel alliance. They were informed that the empire was making a new Death
Star and Han led a strike team to the forest moon of Endor, to destroy the shield
generator that projected the shield that kept the rebels at bay. As Luke duels with
Vader in the Death Star, the shield is down and the rebel fleet attacks, destroying
the empire once and for all. I found that it connected the links from other Star Wars Movies
and reveals anything that had been untold. 1.5/2
Excitement level: The excitement started when Luke battled the rancor in Jabba’s
palace and rose throughout the film and ended in Anakin Skywalker throwing the
emperor down a virtually bottomless reactor shaft, destroying him once and for
all. 2/2
Acting: The acting was amazingly well done, giving episode VI the best acting in
the original trilogy. 2/2
Opening crawl: Very exciting and informative but does not give away much of the
plot. 1\2
Final mark: 7.5/10 5 Episode II
Attack of the Clone
Score: 4.5/10 4 Episode I
The Phantom Menace
Score: 6/10 Clone Wars Movie
Score: 6/10 Episode IV
A New Hope
Score: 6/10 Three-way tie! 3 Episode VI
Return of the Jedi
Score: 7.5/10 2 Episode V
The Empire Strikes Back
Score: 8/10 1 Episode III
Revenge of the Sith
Score: 9/10 Here, we have the rankings of all the STAR WARS movies. We have placed them in order of lowest score to highest score. The first Death Star exploding. The second Death Star exploding with the Millenium Falcon flying away Luke with a lightsaber. Star Wars
Episode V
The Empire Strikes Back

Year released:1980
Money made: $538,375, 067
Setting: Hoth, Bespin, Dagobah,
Main characters: Luke Skywalker (Padawan(Mark Hamill), Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), Han Solo (Smuggler(Harrison Ford)
Villains: Darth Vader (Sith Lord(David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones), Darth Sidious (Sith Lord(Clive Revill)
Problem: The empire is searching for the rebel alliance.
Visual effects: In Episode V, the same effects were used as in Episode IV however they made slight improvements, for example the lightsabers weren't flat. For the battle of Hoth at the begining of the movie a new effect was used, stop motion. It was used in the place of motion control and involved moving a miniature model on a background, taking a picture and moving it slightly once again. This procedure was repeated to create the illusion that the giant walkers were moving across the snow. 1\2
Storyline: After the empire sent Viper probe droids across the galaxy to locate the
rebel alliance’s second base, it was found on the ice planet, Hoth, and a devastating
battle raged on. The rebel alliance then escaped the empire’s clutches and Luke
traveled to Dagobah to seek out grand master Yoda. As Yoda trains Luke, Luke
senses a disturbance in the force and travels to Bespin, to save his friends who
stopped there to repair the Millenium Falcon, but were tricked and captured by the
empire and Han is frozen in carbonite. I found it very exciting. 1.5/2
Excitement level: The momentum built throughout the movie rarely stopped and ended on a cliff hanger, building suspense and starting the momentum of the next movie. 2/2
Acting: The acting was well done and the actors did not speak too fast as in A New Hope. 1.5/2
Opening crawl: The opening crawl grabs the readers attention from the start and is very interesting. 2/2 Final mark:8/10 The Empire attacks
Echo Base with large,
walking tankscalled
AT-AT's. The Empire attacked Echo Base (the rebels second base) with large walking tanks called
AT-AT's. The empire attacked Echo base
(The rebels second base) with
giant walkers Star Wars The Ultimate
A single movie with the combined pros from all six movies.

Main Settings: Coruscant, Ultimate death star
Main characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight ( Ewan Mcgregor), Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Knight (Mark Hamill), Han solo (Smuggler ( Harrison Ford)
Why we picked those Characters and Actors: We picked Obi-wan because he is obviously a favourite character amongst Star Wars fans. We picked Ewan Mcgregor to portray him because we think a younger Obi-Wan would be more appealing to audiences also Alec Guiness is no longer alive. We picked Anakin because he is basically the main character in Star Wars. We chose Mark Hamill to play the part even though he originally played Luke. He is also in our opinions a much better actor than Hayden Christensen. We chose Han Solo because he is another fan favourite and we chose Harrison Ford because he is the original and only actor to portray Han.
Villains: Darth Sidious (Sith Lord (Ian Mcdiarmid), Nute Gunray (Leader of the Trade Federation (Silas Carson)
Why we chose those villains and actors: We chose Darth sidious because he is the main villain in Star Wars. we chose Ian Mcdiarmid to play him because he is an amazing actor and George Lucas says he is always reliable. We chose Nute gunray because he is leader of the Trade Federation and the Trade federation is an aspect of star Wars that relates to the modern world. We chose Silas Carson because he is the only actor to ever portray that character.
Problem: The Trade federation has teamed up with Darth Sidious and the Empire
to create an ultimate Death star and army to take over the galaxy. The only people who can save them is a group of rebels led by Jedi Knights Anakin and Obi-Wan and the smuggler Han Solo. Little do they know that the enemy is planning to destroy their home planet of Coruscant.
Why we made that the problem: We chose this as the problem because the death Star is a classic problem in Star wars and once again, Sidious is a main villain. Visual effects: Some of the less complex visual effects shots in this movie would include scenes where the heros are battling stormtroopers and droids. For the heros and stormtroopers the blaster effects would be done with miniature models of guns and pyrothechnics. The end of the guns would be rigged with smoke so that it would look like there was a puff of smoke when the animated blasts were added in. There would also be pyrothechnics on the walls so that if a blaster hit them KABOOM! Some of the more complex effects shots would include any lightsaber sequences. Rotoscoping would be used as a base effect and a more animated and well lit would be added over with computer. For scenes where characters are dueling with lightsabers these effects would be used along with extra crackles of light when the lightsabers clashed.
Why non fans would like this movie: Non-fans would like our movie because it has lots of action and is like other movies that they might like. It has a large variety of futuristic weapons that may catch the viewers attention, intrigue them, and make them want to continue watching.

Below we have included a mock-up trailer for this fake "Ultimate". Any shots of X-Wings symbolize the attack on the ultimate Death Star. The shot of the craft moving across the plains symbolizes the Empire revealing their army. The shot of the Star Destroyer shows an Imperial ship moving to regroup with the army. The shot of the speeders shows the epic chase that would occur after the Empire revealed the Death star and the Jedi chased them down. Any-live action shots show the villains or heros attacking and battling them. All of the CG shots were filmed and created on the software Blender. The live action shots were filmed at Jack's house using props, costumes and face paint. The music was recorded on Youtube. We have split our information into two parts. Info and Critique. The info is the parts that we did not rate the movies on but instead used to give you information. The info sections are, Money made, year released, main characters and actors, villains and problems There are five critique sections. Visual effects, storyline, acting, excitement level, and opening crawl (Words at beginning of the movie.) Each of the sections was marked out of two for a total mark out of 10.
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