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Saul Williams

No description

Kayla Bouchey

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Saul Williams

Acclaimed verbal stylist, who has risen to the level of one of the foremost slam poets today
he is an actor, poet, singer, drawer, and he likes to only refer to himself as an artist
on his website he says he feels honored to be thought of as a poet because he never considered himself one
"Who I am and what I do seems to vary by mod, mood, and mode of expression. I write. I act. I perform. Most of the labels that are projected onto me are seldom how I would choose to refer to myself. Yet, regardless of how much I might dodge classification, the one label that I tote freely is that of being an artist. And it is the art of self expression that has heightened my experience on this planet and fueled my understanding of love, compassion, and humanity." -Saul Williams

Grand Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival (Slam)
Camera D’Or at Cannes Film Festival (Slam)
Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion
born February 29, 1972
youngest of three children
grew up in New York
attended Newburgh Free Academy, where he wrote his song "Black Stacey"
graduated from Morehouse College with a BA in acting and philosophy
got an MFA in acting from New York University's Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts
Saul Williams
By kayla Bouchey

Saul Williams
He was considered a staple in the slam poetry community in New York City.
He gets his style from old school hip hop and african griot-style story telling.
Williams is a vegan.
Williams and Marcia Jones, a visual artist and art professor, began their relationship in 1995 as collaborative artists on the Brooklyn performance art and spoken word poetry circuit.
They had a daughter, Saturn, was born in 1996
The collection of poems by Williams, S/HE, Which i brought today, is a series of reflections on the demise of his relationship with Jones.
Jones images are seen throughout S/HE. They were in response to Williams collection about her.
anti-war anthems "Not In My Name" and "Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare)"
SLAM -He wrote it and was lead actor
a few other published works in magazines, books, and he has published a couple other not as popular books.
he is mostly spoken word and slam oriented
Saul Williams- Amethyst Rock
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