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Main Idea vs. Summary

No description

Amie Corley

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Main Idea vs. Summary

Molly lived in colonial Georgia. She and her friends played hopscotch, leapfrog, and other games. She also had marbles, a jump rope, dolls, and tops, but Molly had less time to play than children of today. Molly was expected to do her share of the work that needed to be done around her family's farm. When she was just five years old, Molly was taught to knit so she could make stockings for everyone in the family. She also learned to help with other household chores such as candle-making, gardening, and cooking. Molly's favorite chore was feeding the family's chickens and geese and gathering the eggs.
What is the

main idea

of this passage?

A. Children like to play games.
B. Colonial children played, but they also had work to do.
C. Childhood is the same no matter where children grow up.
D. Colonial children had to work on the family farm.
What is this passage

mostly about

A. Colonial Georgia
B. Life on the Farm
C. Playing and Working
D. Growing up in Colonial Times
At noon on a spring day in Paris in 1910, a truck broke down in the center of the Place de l'Opera. The driver got out, crawled underneath his vehicle, and emerged after half an hour, apparently having repaired his truck. After apologizing to the police for the traffic problems he had caused, the man drove away. That night, he collected several thousand English pounds from friends whom he had bet that he could lie on his back for thirty minutes at the busiest hour in the busiest traffic center in Paris. The man's name was Horace De Vere Cole, England's greatest practical joker of the day.
What is the story

mainly about?

A. Playing in busy traffic
B. Winning an impossible bet
C. Repairing a broken-down car
D. A clever and profitable joke
Which sentence best
the passage?

A. Horace Cole cheated his friends.
B. Cole won his bet by pretending to repair his truck in heavy traffic.
C. Horace Cole, a Frenchman, liked to play practical jokes on Englishmen.
D. Horace Cole's practical joke caused a terrible traffic jam in the center of Paris.
Main Idea
The main idea is the point
the author makes about
the topic.
The main idea may be stated or implied. When it is implied, you must find the main idea by reading the passage carefully and thinking about what ALL of the sentences are saying about the topic.
You can find the main
idea by asking yourself,
"What is the author telling me about this topic?"
A summary retells the passage in fewer words. It consists of several important details.
It focuses on important events THROUGHOUT the passage.
A summary is a short statement of the main idea that also includes details.
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