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10 Things About Me By Jon

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of 10 Things About Me By Jon

I Love Video Games
Video Games Are Awesome They Can Take A lot of Stress Away From Life And They Are Pretty Fun
I Love Soda
Soda Tastes So Good To Me I Have No Idea Why But I Like Soda Even More Then Actual Food.
I Love Anime
I Like YouTube
I Hate Obama
This man tends to not do a lot of things that he says he will do.
10 Things About Me
I Love Horror Movies
I like horror movies because their main characters are pretty cool and well the jumpscares can be funny.
I like youtube because I can watch people play games that I like if I dont have them at the time because im a huge nerd.
I Hate Bee's
I hate bees because the buzzing sound that they make is irritating and makes me feel uncomfortable and there just terrifying to me.
I Hate Jumpscares
I hate them because they scare me.

Anime is fun to watch because it can
be really cool or just something to do.
I Hate Rude People
I don't know why but I really hate when someone isn't doing there work or if someone bumps me in the hallway
I Hate People Who Hate Minecraft
i dont hate minecraft
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