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Chinook Native American Prezi

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Johanna Donnelly

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Chinook Native American Prezi

Have you ever thought about the people who live on this land before us and what their culture and lifestyle was like? The Chinook Way of Life The Chinook Religion The Spirit Quest Ceremonies and Rituals The Chinook men did not wear any clothes in the Summer. The women did wear a bark skirt. When the weather was cold men and women wore a warm fur coat or robe. The Chinook did not wear religious garments. Though they decorated their face with paint and wore earnings, necklaces, feathers, charms, and hair ornaments. The Chinook lived in modern day Washington and Oregon. The Chinook were a non nomadic and peaceful tribe. The Chinook were very religious. The Chinook religion taught the Chinook people to respect nature. They did not take more than they needed. They had a god of creation, his name was Neahkanie. The Chinook Native Americans also believed in spirits. They gave thanks to their spirits. They believed that good and bad things would happen to them because a spirits power. Some powerful spirits were Snake, Owl, Blue Jay, Coyote, Frog, and Raven. They believed if you made a spirit angry the spirit could use their power to hurt the person or the person's family. The Spirit Quest is a journey that a boy or girl fulfills when they become an adult. The purpose of the Spirit Quest is to find our own individual vision spirit that guides you throughout your life. The spirit Quest is the transition to adulthood. Some one would leave as a child and return as an adult. When a child reaches a certain age, the elders give the child a stick and instructed them to travel to a scared place, usually by a body of water. There would survive off of water and little food. Also the child did not sleep There the child would wait for a vision to appear. To pass the time the young boy or girl would sing, shout, and dance. The child would continue this for as many as five days. When their spirit came it often took form as an animal. Sometimes the spirit would change its form into multiple animals. The spirit would tell the child their characteristics and purpose in life. The spirit might say to their child that they will be a great hunter, trader, and or weaver. Later the child would return home and tell everyone about their vision. The Chinook performed many rituals and ceremonies. Every year they performed the First Salmon Rite. The First Salmon Rite is a ceremony when the Chinooks welcomed the annual salmon run. The Chinook also had potlaches. Potlaches were feasts at which possessions are given away or destroyed to display wealth. Potlaches were preformed on many occasions, such as birth, death, weddings and other occasions. Some other ceremonies were marriage, naming rituals, and when a child became an adult. Clothing and Garments The Chinook Native Americans The Chinook hunted fish, seals, whales, ducks, beavers, rabbits, bobcats, and racoons. They also eat vegetables, and many different berries. The Chinook ate grapes, currants, crab apples, cow parsnip,wild celery, and seeds. They had a healthy diet. The Chinook Native Americans traded, like many other tribes. The Chinook made objects to trade, such as, baskets, jewelry, tools, clothing, and other things. They traded with the other tribes that lived close to their land. The Chinook like many other Native American tribes played ball in their free time. These games included lacrosse, juggling, football (soccer). They were very competitive. Sometimes people who were participating in games were not allowed to eat rabbits because the Chinook feared that they would receive the weakness of a rabbit. By Johanna Donnelly Conclusion The Chinook Native Americans lived peacefully, practicing their religion for hundreds of years. Today some Chinook people continue practice the traditional Chinook religion, while others practice different religions.
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