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Barbie And Her Playmates

Cause and Effect Essay Pattern Analysis: - Essay Pattern - VOICE - Methods - Audience - Thesis

Salman Rana

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Barbie And Her Playmates

VOICE PATTERN METHODS AUDIENCE THESIS tHE The thesis of this cause and effect essay has become to be very intricate in design DICTION "Rugged" The author uses this word to characterize the 'male dolls' (action figures) as being rough dolls and not pampered up

"Doll/Figures" It implies that these dolls are the perfect, possibly serving to be role models for the young girls

"Parlayed" How Barbie came at large and eventually part of culture as well as the global society

"Utopia" The author's use of this word suggests that Barbie lives a perfect life, almost like a paradise. The use of "miniature utopia" has a much more drastic impact to describe the Barbie and her world as perfect. It is far better a word choice than "miniature world" SYNTAX "the whole new breed of dolls - FASHION DOLLS" The use of a dash in the sentence creates a pause, emphasizing and making them the DOLLS

"...Each have their own sleeping bags)..." Organizes the ideas for the reader to be able to easily recognize

"...represent attractive, apparently teenage girls, who, like most teenage girls, require large wardrobe..." The author organize his point by seperating it using commas.

"THE MATTEL CORPORATIONS" the capitalized words put an emphasis on the word, and catches the readers attention. Furthermore, the producer of Barbie's name was mentioned only once and it was in the beginning of the essay.

italizes: action figures. The author uses this to create a differential between the action figures and the dolls as well as avoid the feminine ring that dolls has to it.

The use of question marks "... will she produce a generation of sexually liberated playmates, intent on jetting from resort to resort?" This creates a vague tone, engaging the reader to think critically and create their own answers. BIAS There is a bias present on the readers tone it is against the image of a barbie created by Mattel Corporations.

Another bias present is portrayed by Mattel corporations when they make the age of Barbie very undetermined between adulthood and childhood. This way she is able to brainwash younger children. TONE The tone of the author is very vague, allowing the reader make many assumptions fromt here personal recollections of any memories with barbies or with dolls as a whole.

In the first paragraph, he begins by introducing the subject and providing background on it. In this case, the subject is the Barbie doll.

He further analyzes the subject and explains the general idea of the essay which is buying Barbie dolls can have a lasting impact on the young girls who welcome them into their lives, even though the makers of Barbie may be unaware of this.

In the body paragraphs, the write explains several different effects that are caused when these young girls play with Barbie dolls. The first effect is that Barbie has led to many other toys being made, yet it is still distinguished from the others.

The next paragraphs require more critical thinking like how the Barbie dolls affect the maturity of these girls in aspects of sexuality, and lifestyle.

The writer has done this so that the complexity an significance rises as you continue to read on making it seem like he is leading to a climax.

The author ends the essay by relating real events with the thesis and then clearly restates his position in the final line of the essay which creates a lasting impact effect on the reader. The target audience of the essay are the parents of the children

The message is not directed to children, which is clear due to the complex language.

The message is not directed towards teenagers, because they have already passed the 'doll phase' and have either developed a bias for the influence barbie has had on them, or they have not been influenced what so ever.

The main reason for why the essay targets parents, is because they are the #1 impact on their children.

The target age group for the producers of the barbie doll, are the children. Children cannot be supplied with the barbie doll, without the money and consent of their parents.

Therefore, when the essay targets parents, it proves effective, because it cuts off the source of money, and consent.

This results in a decrease in product sales, and a decrease in negatively influenced children. Anyone who is able to understand the language

Specifically anyone born between 1950s and 2000

Barbies were first sold in 1959

Girls are especially affected by it because of direct relationship

To explain the affects of buying a Barbie doll

Forces us to think about something we thought so insignificant, but indeed has a lot of power PERSONIFICATION personifies a toy, Barbie, throughout the essay 2nd paragraph "we have welcomed Barbie into our homes, and placed her in our children's bedrooms."
REMEMBER, a toy is an inanimate obeject. IRONY Effective in a Cause and Effect essay; the cause of an event could be ironic, considering the effect

Dolls were once like babies to their owners but now the roles have reversed. Young girls want to be just like Barbie The only time the thesis is clearly stated is at the very ending with the last line of the last paragraph where the author states that buying Barbie dolls certainly has an effect on young girls and how it allows them to escape to the fantasy world.

The general idea of the essay is still explained with a sentence in the second paragraph where it states that Barbie dolls can cause an effect. The thesis isn't clearlystated here because the author intentionally introduced a vague topic so that the reader could begin to deduce the various effects that may exist from purchasing a Barbie doll. In general, the authors message is that children are shifting from the mentality of acting like a parent to someone living the perfect care free life - party life

The fact that barbie can influence children to this degree is also shown in the title. In the title, it says 'Barbie and her playmates'
This doesnt put the barbie in the role of a playtoy, but more in the commanding role.

'Her playmates' seems to refer to the children, and the fact that it says HER playmats shows that barbie is in the commanding seat.

This is further shown with a typical relationship of children. Children tend to envy each other, and when barbie is considered the playmate, children tend to envy barbies life. This shows that barbie is commanding the future of children. This point is further shown in the last paragraph where it says, If barbie has indeed provided...those children who buy her version of the american dream.

When the author says 'buy her version of the american dream' it does not mean pay for the toy, but it seems to intend that they have bought into the way of life of barbie, as in, they strive to duplicate her lifestyle - somewhat impossible. A general pattern exists with the introduction of the essay is that the background information is usually presented prior to the arguments, so the reader is able to brainstorm ideas.

Another pattern, order paragraphs from least to greatest importance, as if leading to a climax.

After the introduction, there is a body and conclusion. Within these entities, are the commonly used rhetorical devices The essay deeply describes the perfect individual from the female perspective

Furthermore, it defines the perfect society and how one can live in a utopian world BIAS IMAGERY DICTION SYNTAX TYPES OF CAUSES Necessary Cause - one that must be present for the effect to occur
Ex: Combustion is necessary to drive a gasoline engine

Sufficient Cause - one that can produce an effect while unaided, though there may be more than one sufficient cause of the given effect

Contributory Cause - one that helps to produce one effect but cannot do so by itself PATTERN 1 Cause Effect



Effect PATTERN 2 Effect Cause



Cause • In general, a cause and effect essay has one of the broadest target audiences
• Depending on the message of the essay, it can have a target audience ranging from children to the elderly Targeting children and teenagers will have no effect The target audience are the parents of the children The target audience are the parents of the children The target audience of the essay are the parents of the children

It also has an impact on any reader who is able to understand the concept and can relate to Barbie dolls Barbie and Her Playmates The target audience are the parents of the children Parents are the major influence on their children Parents are the buyers of the Barbie toys Consumer audience (for Barbie dolls) are the children

The target audience of the essay counter acts the target consumer audience, and therefore it proves quite effective Begins essay by introducing the subject and giving background information on it, providing the reader with an understanding of the subject.

The second paragraph further explains the subject, and explains the general idea of the essay which is that buying a Barbie can have many effects on the young girls who play with them.

In the body paragraphs, the writer explains three different effects that are caused by buying a Barbie, and supports them evidence.

The first body paragraph explains a simple effect which is that Barbie has led to the creation of many other toys, like action figures for boys, clothing for dolls, doll houses, yet is still distinguishable from all of them. Meaning that the barbie is still the most sucsessfull and sought after toy no matter what else comes out.

The following body paragraphs explain effects that are more complicated, like how Barbie dolls affect the maturity of young girls. The author suggests that the girls playing with the dolls could be easily influenced by the world these dolls live in. A few examples he uses in these paragraphs are the girls will assume that everything will come to them and that you shouldn't have children or get married.

The writer has continued with these effects so that the significance of the effects rises as you read on, which leads to a climax.

The author ends the essay by relating real events with his thesis, and then clearly restates his position in the final line of the essay, which has a lasting effect on the reader. Barbie and Her Playmates • The thesis can be determined through several parts of the essay, including, the title, body paragraphs, and the conclusion

Barbie And Her Playmates Children always act like the ideal parent, taking care of children, feeding and changing the diapers of a baby, and it is all based on the influence they have experienced from their own parents, but due to the growing desire for Barbie dolls, children have shifted there perspective, envying Barbie, and now wanting to act on their own way, free of any rules, doing whatever whenever they want to. DICTION: the writer's or the speaker's distinctive vocabulary choices and style of expression.

SYNTAX: the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences

RHETORICAL DEVICES: resource of language is a technique that an author or speaker uses to convey to the listener or reader a meaning with the goal of persuading him or her towards considering a topic from a different perspective.

BIAS: a term used to describe a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective, ideology or result, when the tendency interferes with the ability to be impartial, unprejudiced, or objective. In other words, bias is generally seen as a 'one-sided' perspective.

IMAGERY: sed in literature to refer to descriptive language that evokes sensory experience.

DETAILS: extended treatment of particulars

TONE: the quality of a person's voice Barbie and Her Playmates CAUSE AND EFFECT ESSAY PATTERN BARBIE AND HER PLAYMATES
• The title "Barbie and her Playmates" is important in determining parts of the thesis
• "her playmates" does not refer to other barbie dolls, or KEN, but rather it refers to the children who play with the barbie doll
• Placing the word 'barbie' before 'playmates' implies that Barbie is in the commanding position, rather than her human owner

• referring to children and their relationships with others (playmates), they tend to envy each other
• In the title, "barbie and her playmates" the use of the word playmates shows that there are signs of envy between the child and barbie

• In the final paragraph the author says, "If Barbie has indeed provided a behavioural model...children who buy her version of the American Dream"
• 'buy her version of the American Dream' does not mean purchase a Barbie doll, but rather 'buy in to her version' meaning that follow her legacy, her lifestyle, and act in the same manner. ------>SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE Barbie Consumer Spend More Money Fashion Dolls Buy a Barbie Unclear Age Male Dolls reshaped the way you looked at dolls large wardrobe quickly become popular because of uniqueness buy "dreamhouse" buy clothes buy accessories buy furniture Enjoys comfortable aspects of life made to incorporate the male population G.I. Joe, Ken no significant effect since can't change the perspective of male role in society FAIL! BECOME TREND (POPULAR) Boyfriend/ Friends Everything available upon will Money isn't given value Consumers begin to idealize her Barbie Consumer Embrace the Barbie Lifestyle
(Livin' the Life) PHYSICAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGICAL Cause and effect essays are concerned with why things happen (causes) and what happens as a result (effect). The focus of these essays is on building relationship between cause and effect; what causes certain attitudes, things and then the consequences or effects that follow. It portrays reasons and an explanation as to why certain thing happen concluding its’ after effects.
Types of cause and effect essays

Valuation: Valuation essays focus on issues of value or worth. This type of cause/effect essay deals with consequences and often includes essays that discuss the factors leading to or results/effects of a decision.

Example thesis: My teachers at Chattanooga State have forced me to evaluate my priorities, develop self-discipline, and think critically.
Interpretation: Interpretation essays explain the unknown by reference to what is known. This type of cause/effect essay begins with a known cause and projects probable effects or begins with a known effect and infers probable causes. The analysis of the causes and effects, therefore, are generally speculative.

Example thesis: Total nuclear war would destroy modern civilization.
Analysis: Analysis essays break a subject down into its constituent parts for the purpose of understanding their function in relation to the whole. This type of cause/effect essay focuses on the major causes leading to some effect, the major effects of some cause, or cause-effect chains in order to understand the meaning of, importance of, or significance of some event, occurrence, action, or attitude.

Example thesis: The Civil War had lasting effects on the American psyche.
Synthesis: Synthesis essays explore the connections of some subject with a larger context. This type of cause/effect essay explores the broader implications to be drawn or relevance of the causes and/or effects behind some event, occurrence, action, or attitude.

Example thesis: The military decisions and policies which led to thousands of soldiers suffering months of anguish from Gulf War syndrome reveal the need for a Congressional board of inquiry into Pentagon practices. Charm for perfect body (Aneroxia, Breast Implants) Buy more clothes Unhealthy Diets Never satisfied with body Self-esteem Buy Barbie to become involved in society Become more outgoing Live life without responsibility European Beauty (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Reinforce Gender Stereostypes Always aspire to be like Barbie Spend more money (devalues monetary income)
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