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Teamwork Presentation

Define, demonstrate, and apply the Teamwork skill/skills

Kevin Lei

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Teamwork Presentation

Definition Teamwork is when two or more people work together toward the same goals. Demonstration of teamwork Teamwork Skills involve Good Leadership
Clear Communication
Role Establishment
Trust Good Leadership Good Leadership involves having a definite leader in a group. Leaders have to know the strength and weakness of team members in order to divide the work. Respect Trust Team Support Role Establishment Clear Communication Group members should trust each other and share their own ideas and feelings, they also should believe in each other. if group members cannot trust each other, they will fail at teamwork because they cannot trust each other on important tasks. Communication is important for successful teamworwork. Team usually produce good results if each group members are willing to share ideas.Also, communication in teamwork avoid confusion. Who is assigned what job to do is very important. All group members must agree on what needs to be done, and who does what so there won't be any confusion among the group members. Everyone in the team needs to be responsible for their own roles. Group members should support each other. If a group can support each other, they will be able to perform better because they can get support if they face any difficulties.This make a group able to solve any problem and will more likely to success. Group members communicate their opinions in a way that respects others, focusing on "what can be improve?", rather than "why it is wrong?". if the group cannot respect each other, it will take a lot of time to do something because people won't share ideas with each others. Why is Teamwork Important and Effective? Teamwork allows works to be done faster and better.
Teamwork allows each person to work in the area which they are better.
Teamwork has a combination of strength, so for every situation there should be at least one person who know how to deal with it.
Teamwork provides the group with different opinions.
Activity The End
Thank You Teamwork Skill By Denny Chi, Kevin Lei Helium Stick In this activity, divide the class into two different groups.
For each group, make two lines and face each other.
Each group will recieve a helium stick
Everyone place their index finger under the helium stick Everyone must be touching the stick at all times
You may not grab or pinch the stick
No one can remove their finger from under the stick
If you drop the stick, remove your finger, or grab the stick, your group must restart The Goal of the activity is to get the helium stick to the ground without any of your group members removing their fingers. Bibliography http://wilderdom.com/games/descriptions/HeliumStick.html
http://bellinghamschools.org/sites/default/files/studentgal/onlineresearch/oldonline/mod8team.htm Example 1: Example 2: Assembly Line Assembly line is a form of teamwork because people work together to make products.
The assembly line save time and money because with each person doing one part of the job, it is much more simple and they could produce products faster. 30 people 31 legs Example 3: Guide Dog What is Teamwork? It is an activity that involve 30 people. their legs are tied together so everyone must cooperate together in order to reach the goal. How do we become successful in a team?
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