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Unit 1: Writing for a specific purpose and audience.

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Mark Sturley

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Unit 1: Writing for a specific purpose and audience.

Unit 1: Writing for a specific purpose and audience.


What does each of the words below mean?
Why do we need to be able to identify them?
How can they help us in our work?
Look at the 1st example: I am Malala
Change the audience of the following transcript from adults to teenagers?
Surfer Andrew Cotton on riding Portugal monster wave

31 October 2013 Last updated at 14:52 GMT

A man from north Devon in the UK is waiting to hear officially whether he is confirmed to have surfed the world's biggest wave. The wave on the Portugal coast, which reportedly reached heights of up to 30 metres, was caused by the storm St Jude which hit western Europe earlier this week.

Andrew Cotton was towed into the surf by his partner Garrett McNamara, who claimed the world record in January for surfing a massive wave on the same Nazare beach.

Mr Cotton spoke to Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman about what it was like surfing such a huge wave and how he deals with the dangers it entails.
L.O: To be able to identify audience and purpose in a text.
To demonstrate an ability to write for different audiences.

Can you think of any examples for PAF?
Can you identify the PAF?
What things in the text help you?
Now look at the second example and do the same.
What about example three?
Highlight, underline and annotate anything that may help you identify the PAF
Taken from the BBC 01.11.13
I am now going to give you a news article written for people around your age.
Task One: Underline any language that would no be appropriate for adults (informal)
Task Two: Circle any words you think are suitable for adults.
Task Three: You must use the main details from this article to write a short news story appropriate for adults.
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